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Get the MRI! Tough it out!
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I have encountered one hell of a conundrum.

Alright, so back in December of 2008, I injured my knee, nothing big, just a minor twist. But then instead of letting it get better, I went and played Water Polo with this injury which, wouldn't you know it, got worse! :O

In fact it got so bad that I was barely able to walk without a limp.

So I finally went to the doctor at the end of Februrary and got X-Rays to see what was wrong. And nothing showed up. She didn't have any confirmed opinion about what was wrong, so all she did was put me on heavy duty NAPROXEN and crutches for one week. I did everything I was advised to do, but my knee didn't get better, not in the slightest bit.

Here is where I reach my conundrum:

Water Polo started up again and I made the "A" team for the Junior Olympics (which is a pretty big deal) but my knee is now feeling worse than ever. The only reason I am able to even walk now is because of the NAPROXEN. This is a very important year for me because this is when colleges go and scout out players who they want to go to their school, and I am stuck on deciding what I should do. My doctor said that if I didn't get better I needed an MRI which may show that surgery is required and if I have surgery I will not be allowed in the pool for 6 months! So not only will I miss Junior Olympics, but when high school season comes around I will not be able to play then either.

So, do I tough it out and play or get the MRI?

Get the MRI!

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Tough it out!

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GET THE MRI...NOW!!! The MRI is simply a test to show what is wrong and how serious it may be. I fully understand your dilemma, however, would you sacrifice an entire playing career for something you're not even certain of as yet? You are doing yourself and your team a disservice by putting this off any longer. You cannot be playing to full capacity as it is and are adding more injury to it. This is anyone's guess, but I think I'd have it done now and go for THE Olympics. I would absolutely have to know what the injury is and what it entails to repair it plus recuperation time. Getting the MRI costs you nothing...not having it may cost you much too dearly at such a young age. Good luck with your decision, my friend.

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1. Be careful with any NSAID, they are not supposed to be addictive, but it's easy to build a tolerance, then move on to pain killers which are highly addictive, practice living with the pain when you don't absolutely need them.

2. X-rays are pretty worthless for knee injuries. You could have something very serious wrong, which would never show up on an X-ray. You need an MRI for a knee injury.

3. You're going to keep getting worse until you stay off it for a good length of time. The good news is, that you still can function means you'll fully recover, and probably without surgery.

Get the MRI, see what the doc's say. They'll tell you you can't do Water Polo. Ask if it will cause permanent damage. If not, tough it out. If it will cause permanent damage, there's always next season. While the Jr. Olympic team is really cool, you'll never make the Sr. Olympic team if you mess up your knee for good.

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First of all, good luck with whatever you do.

Man that is quite a pickle,

I would say get the MRI, there is plenty of room for sports later in life, and plenty more with a healthy knee.

Who knows how bad the knee could get from here.

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It could be something really serious. If so, you wouldn't want to go around for years with a useless knee. Who knows, maybe it isn't serious. It could still mean surgery, but at least then, you could say you don't want the surgery (they can't exactly force it on you in that situation) and tough it out after that. But it'd be a shame to ruin your body for a sport. The body is an amazing thing; don't take it for granted.

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Even if this means missing out on a season it does not necessarily mean this. If you know what it is you can determine the seriousness of the injury, if it is not so serious then put it off and grab yourself a scholarship! But if it is a serious injury do not waste your leg for a scholarship when if you are that good just go to the Olympics =]. So I say go and get the MRI and decide for yourself what to do AFTER THE MRI!

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Tough it out. If you are really that good, this is too important to miss. Load up on painkillers for one day so there is absolutely no pain, and then afterwards go ahead and get the MRI. What do you have to lose? If you already need surgery, you need surgery. Might as well do something important first.

You might not have this chance again. And, from what I hear, not even close to all knee surgeries actually fix the problem. How would you live with yourself if it was found that you need surgery, you missed this opportunity, and then it didn't work? You couldn't. It would be devastated.

At least that's what I would do.

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Well that is a conundrum for sure. but if you can tolerate it go for your goals. have you tried a knee brace or ace bandage to aid support? that helped me for a while. There is really no harm in getting the mri it may not be a bad idea then at least you know whats causing your discomfort and more than likely they will want to do surgery anyway.but you can choose when you want that done you dont have to do it right then. I have gone through 7 dislocations starting at 16 and finally had surgery last year (36) and really i kinda wish i had done it sooner as healing and rebuilding the muscles may have happened a bit faster but at the same time like i said if you can tolerate it go for your goals and when you have some time to be down get the surgery if you need it. Have you tried any physical therapy yet? that may help too, i don't want to scare you but knee surgery is no joke and it takes a good bit of time to recover and rebuild the muscles in the leg. I hope this was somewhat helpful and if you have any questions feel free to contact me i will share what i can from my experience. And last but not least be careful with that naproxen that stuff is not something to take lightly or something you want to take for long periods of time, I wont go into all the dangers here but do some research on it.

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Hey man if you are that good at water polo I have to say tough it out, especially if it is your ticket into college. If you cannot play at all anyway then I would say just get the MRI. But if your knee is not affecting your game play then I would say go for the gold ( scholarship ).

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