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 I just love when professional victim religicrites bitch more about rock music than torture (17)

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I just love when professional victim religicrites bitch more about rock music than torture

An unnamed Christian on here went off on me when I said to rock on. Why can't he get more fired up about torture, the ultimate living rights violation? This is why I love Yeshua, but HATE religion.
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NowASaint is actually an atheist. He said anyone who thinks they are God is an atheist, and he routinely thinks he is God. He doesn't realize these facts though.

Yeah, he isn't smart enough to realise even what he is saying.

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Whether the person is Christian or not, they have every right to passionately dislike any genre of music and are entitled to voice that opinion here.

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He attacked her for saying "rock on" because the phrase "rock and roll" is perverted according to his Christian beliefs.

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HAH it really was NowASaint. He and I have a long standing relationship. He thinks I'm Wiccan because I have friends who study witchcraft (the real kind not the Hollywood kind) and thus thinks I'm ....a demon? Or I'm going to fry in hell....or I dance with demons...? I don't know. And I think he's a bloody moron who does his best to hurt Christianity and is scared of education and information.

Rock on, Sitar.

Yeah, it was.

He thinks I'm probably the devil.

And, of course, all those other things like going to hell, eternal torture, be saved by my imaginary deity, etc.

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Ah, then. According to him, you and I are going to the same place and will dance together. Fair warning, I'm terrible at it. I have all the grace of an epileptic moose on skates.

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It is amusing that you "Liberals" or "Democrats" will stand there and defend the terrorist against torture when the group which the torture is required to bring down are torturing, raping and decapitating to their heart's content.

Sitar(3683) Clarified
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I was tortured, so that is why I oppose all torture. Everyone has the right to not be tortured. Yeshua should have been the last torture victim, but Republicans have been the real terrorists here.

Arsenal(218) Clarified
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Go on mate, tell us blokes why and when you were tortured? I rather thinks you're just aving a piss is all. It'd be brill if you could prove those blokes wrong who say you're daft, and tell us all when you were tortured. Cheerio...

Lopilulu(286) Disputed
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If you were actually tortured, you would either be in prison, dead or told never to speak about it anywhere again that the government is able to see.

You may have been abused but even if you were to an extent that felt like 'torture', this is not the type of torture that you are referring to in the debate as it serves no legal goal.