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 I'm quitting the site soon (6)

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I'm quitting the site soon

Or maybe I'm not

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No don't. No one hates on nihilists and ants quite like you.

Hmmm you where talking how this site should be popular and you sounded like the man to do it. But I guess bad debate skills and add troubles with a steady job equals unsteady membership of websites.

The only way to prove me wrong it to learn to debate and to stick around.

Well, you've had quite the eventful "first week" now haven't you? Let's summarize how it went shall we?

1)You left your nomenclature account and created this one.

2)You pretended to be foreign, then mutated to losing your "bad English" out of the blue.

3)You professed to being "the world's greatest troll.

4)I sent you to my wiki fandom site for "controversial debators".

5)I blocked you for mass puppets.

6)You threatened to kill me in pms.

7)I called your mom a whore.

8)Now you're butthurt and leaving the site. The end.

lionard1122(74) Disputed
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idk if any of what you said is true, it probably is, one way or another you are not one to speak

GoodListener(628) Clarified
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I didn't death threat him on PMs and he didn't call my mother a whore.

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Have fun. Don't blame you. It's a shit show here. Best wishes.

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But I thought you were supposed to be a "Good Listener"? .....................................