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I'm sorry

I have realised I have become this foul creature that doesn't think twice before insulting and attacking people and starting nasty quarrels and saying hugely unfair and unpleasant things. I want to change and I promise I will try to be nicer. I want to feel compassion, tolerance and hope instead of this anger and bitterness to almost everything and everyone.

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Good luck and I hope your catharsis is both meaningful and rewarding

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Anger is a choice. Putting smileys at the end of each sentence, and re-reading what I wrote before pressing submit, helps me.

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Thanks for the advice sweetheart xx

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Well, I do think in my case you deserve some credit for taking some insightful introspection into your behavior after declaring me an enemy. I could be wrong, but based on the fact you apologized privately and removed your declaration, I think you truly were sorry- at least at that time, maybe not after reading this post, LOL In any event, thank you! :))

Good for you! I'm glad you've realized this, and I hope that you make the positive change you're looking for.

None f the things you've done are going to count against you as a person for like all time

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On your road to recovery, I hope you run into some Muslims.

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So you would rather that I was still rude about people?

Kalamazoo(316) Clarified
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I'd rather you'd just be yourself. If you're so insecure that you feel the necessity to be popular and liked then you have betrayed yourself as someone easily influenced and with an identity crisis who shouldn't be considered for a senior post of responsibility. How would an employer know that your inconsistent, pendulum like personality wouldn't swing back to Mr. Nasty at some point in the near of distant future? How would your senior(s) be confident that you could be entrusted with completing an important project without being waylaid or manipulated by the last person to whom you spoke? So, you like cursing, drinking, smoking and barroom brawling, that's fine, at least you're being yourself. Chances are you'll pay a heavy price, but so what? Or, you may like flower arranging and collecting cuddly little furry toys, that's also great. You may take some stick from bullying macho men, but that's the price you pay for sticking to your guns and doing what you want to in your own way.

flewk(1192) Clarified
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Just be who you are, not who others want you to be. If you want to change, go for it.

skyfish(276) Clarified
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how are you "banned" from your own posting?

this makes no sense to me.

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Live it out and don't announce it. Leave room to entertain the whole spectrum from nice to nasty but nasty with class and an edge. Absolutely no toilet trolling or nonsense.