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I don't CARE - PLAY ball Football is DONE
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I used to LOVE football.. But, that was before I found out they're KILLING themselves

I don't CARE - PLAY ball

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Football is DONE

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The sport will always exist in some form or other. Heck, look at boxing and MMA. Those sports directly try to cause physical harm but people still participate and watch.

What I DO expect will happen eventually, though, is some very large medical and legal costs will change it up. There may even be poorer league teams bankrupted every now and then over damages due to it.

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Chinaman(408) Disputed
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Stringent government control does always work best for the vacant minds in America.

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Soldiers die on the job for peanuts. No Con concern. A millionaire football player dies playing a game. End of the world...

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I don't think it's "done" per say but I think there needs to be some serious study in the effects of such abuse on the body even with gear. My husband was telling me about a case where a football player committed a violent crime, was in jail and died in jail. When they did an autopsy they found he had some sort of brain disease (sorry I can't remember with 100% clarity the facts) but that brain disease is actually more common then it should be in Football players. It can cause violent tendencies and the family of the deceased guy is wanting that looked into because he may not have been in his right mind when he committed the crime.

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excon(8557) Clarified
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there needs to be some serious study in the effects of such abuse on the body

Hello Mint:

There HAS been.. It determined that football KILLS its participants..


PS> (edited) There's a movie about the guy who discovered this disease.. It stars Will Smith.

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Life kils 100% of it's participants. Are you ready for the sexual intercourse ban...

Pop kills. Chips kill. Too much salt on everything kills. Fried foods kill. Pets kill. Swimming kills. Driving kills. But magically people choose to participate.

How about players not playing until they are 40+ years old?

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Mint_tea(3566) Clarified
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99% wow that's a high number.

I still don't know if that's enough for Football to ever really go away

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