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I've NEVER understood what political correctness IS. I STILL don't. Do you?


Truly.. I don't know what it is..  For example, right here on this very website, a staunch right winger continues to complain about ART that he thinks isn't POLITICALLY CORRECT.. 

But, it's HIS side that tells us we should STOP being politically correct..  Am I missing something?


No, I don't either

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Of course. I'm a right winger

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It's type of foreign language which replaces normal adjectives with, what is usually a collection of meaningless and confusing euphemisms and pretentious platitudes.


1)The P.C, for a BALD PERSON has been replaced by the term, someone who is 'follically challenged'.

2)A homesexual is now described as an alternatively gendered gay person.

3) Baa baa black sheep has been replaced in some school nursery book rhymes as;- baa baa baa sheep.

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Political correctness is a leftist concept for "don't say anything that might insult someone who isn't white, male or Christian". We don't care about sick leftist art, but we will sure point out the left's hypocrisy. The left protects you even if you are dangerous as long as you are not Conservative. That's their whole worldview in a nutshell. Sadly, with Islamism, they have betrayed gays and women, and don't have any clue how to correlate the contradiction into something that will get them elected President because it's mindless.

Side: Of course. I'm a right winger
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Political correctness is the avoidance of words and behaviors based on the fact that someone might find them subjectively offensive or unkind. Some definitions are only concerned with protecting certain groups from offense.

"But, it's HIS side that tells us we should STOP being politically correct.. Am I missing something?"

I'd say there is hypocrisy on both sides here (though neither side is homogeneous). If one is trying to not be offensive one should make that effort for all groups. On the other side if one wants to keep the freedom to offend they must also respect their opponents' freedom to offend them.

My personal opinion on the art depicting Trump's death is that it's within their freedom of speech and expression. However while I'd respect their right I think it is irresponsible to normalize violence against ones political opponents.

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FromWithin(6483) Disputed
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Not when the hate Art is Government sponsered. We should never force tax payers to pay for controversial hate Art that takes political sides.

I agree with you when it comes to private citizens, but not when our Public Colleges funded by tax payers do these hateful things.

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WinstonC(1115) Clarified
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I would need to know more about the story to comment further.

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"Political Correctness" is an attempt to address others respectfully. At face value there is nothing wrong with that. Where it runs into problems is when it's used to censor (as in you can't say that). We have freedom of speech in the USA, you can address people disrespectfully if you choose.

I never refer to my actions as "politically correct." I simply aspire to speak respectfully. And I will, when I feel it's necessary, point out when others are being disrespectful. But I never say they should be censored.

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EXCON it is a possibility that you should take a look at the SnowFlakes on college campie and you might find the answer you are searching for.

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The liberals who are right wing are against political correctness.

The conservatives on the right wing are in support of PC if it aligns with religious values.

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To speak in a "politically correct" manner is to avoid culturally taboo statements that would result in more or less severe social consequences. Take for example Sam Harris. He talks about racial superiority in a manner that is sufficiently "politically correct" so you don't see a full scale character assasination effort being unleashed on him.

Do you now understand what politically correct means?

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