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Yes! Boobs away! No! Put those boobs away!
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Hadrian(477) pic

I would show my boobs for charity.

2009 marked the 8th Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon.  Bloggers from all over the globe send in photos of their boobies (covered and uncovered) to help raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Covered shots were placed on the main page while photos of uncovered breasts are on a pay-to-view page. To date, the effort has raised $50,000 for Breast Cancer Research.

Yes! Boobs away!

Side Score: 10

No! Put those boobs away!

Side Score: 1
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Boobies for boobies? Makes sense to me!

Photos from 2009 event here:

| Side: Yes! Boobs away!

I would look at your boobies for charity ;D

BTW, I have a 34-B size mouth ;)

| Side: Yes! Boobs away!
1 point

And a BB sized brain? :)


| Side: Yes! Boobs away!

Actually it's a little larger than that. I have the MRI pictures to prove it ;)

| Side: Yes! Boobs away!
1 point

What could I say. It is up to you; if you want to pose nude for charity, then go ahead.

| Side: Yes! Boobs away!
1 point

I love Boobs, my wife married one!

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| Side: Yes! Boobs away!

I think it is a good cause and men get to see one of their favorite things

| Side: Yes! Boobs away!
1 point

Haha thas funny but yeppers I'd show mine fer charity.. Would the peoples be charged extra fer pierced ones...? lmao

| Side: Yes! Boobs away!
1 point

It dependz arez ur tits big or small, are they yummy and suck worthy, if not then you better put those away and go to a hospital to get them surgically changed to awsumnezz

| Side: Depends how your tits look
1 point

Hell yeah! I'd definitely donate for some boobies! For a good cause too! :D

| Side: Yes! Boobs away!
0 points

wtf?????how can you do this for charity and by doing this you will sure not to get any charity............

| Side: No! Put those boobs away!

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