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Ice-Cream!! Brownies!
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Ice-cream or Brownies

Think of a refreshing cup of ice-cream compared to the nice hot, fudge brownies.. Which one will win?


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Icecream is so much better! It has that nice coldness creamy taste.

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You like creamy white substance on your tongue. :)

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I do not like someone coming into my debates and posting bad things that I shall not state now

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Lol u too, in the wrong way.....................................

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Can't bake THC into ice cream. I've tried.

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It depends entirely on what type of 'secret' ingredient is in the brownies... ;)

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I think there is no really any secret ingredients in brownies but I do know that you have to take it out of the oven some time before actually cooks through so that you get this slightly raw batter that tastes like fudge

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