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If Burritlunch hates Jews, hates Capitalism, & likes drugs, isn't Hitler his idol?


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The Brit Troll is looking for the number of slaves in the UK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not try to confuse that idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes. He acts as if he's in a competition to be a better Hitler than Hitler.

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Hitler didn't hate Capitalism or like drugs and neither did his regime.

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Hitler didn't hate Capitalism

Thanks Mingi. Quite correct. Capitalism thrived under the Nazis, which is one of the reasons they were popular in the beginning. There's a good blog here if you're interested:-

Additionally, something which isn't particularly well known is that the Nazi Party had several high-ranking Jewish members, including a general. Further to this, there were somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 Jews fighting for Hitler in the German army.

Bronto likes to exploit myths, half-truths and pretty much anything he can while he spreads his far right propaganda. Ironic really, that he plagiarises Hitler's verbal attacks against Marxism and the left almost verbatim, and then calls them Nazis. He literally wants you to believe that the people the Nazis most wanted to eliminate from the world are Nazis. It's just impossible to correct that level of retardation so as has been pointed out, best to just spam him with equally stupid bullshit.

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For example:-

Bronto admits his own retardation:-

"Someone help me, I beg you. I'm too stupid to accomplish basic tasks"

Bronto admits Nom is a genius:-

"Care to address being an unaccomplished genius?"

Bronto admits what caused his present worldview:-

"a KKK grand wizard as a mentor"

Bronto plagiarises yet more ideas he borrowed from Hitler:-

"fuck the common good"

Bronto willing to turn a blind eye to child murder for the right price:-

"The mass murder of children in Waco. But that's none of my business..."

Bronto admits he reads Hitler and Mussolini speeches "fervently":-

"I've read [them] all"

Bronto explains his theory of crime:-

"There are no police"

Bronto explains his theory of why his first theory is so stupid:-

"There is no world."

Bronto explains his theory of why his second theory is so stupid:-

"Trump is connected to space aliens"

Bronto admits that socialists are honest people:-

"Socialists never make or take bribes "

Bronto expects us to be grateful that he's a Nazi:-

"I provide you links of Hitler and Mussolini's quotes"

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Hitler did not hate capitalism (he thought it needed strict reins) BUT, I must disagree with you on drugs lol. Hitler did a lot of stimulants (meth). Goering was hooked on opiates.

>>>> and, the military frequently did stimulants.

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Mingiwuwu(1779) Disputed
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Stop making nonsense up, Nazis were near straight-edge only drinking on their meetings and celebration occasions (back then they didn't realise cigarettes were a drug so that didn't count).

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