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 If I vote for a KKK member who supports putting Black people on the back of buses..... (1)

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If I vote for a KKK member who supports putting Black people on the back of buses.....

Would I be responsible for laws passed that forced Black people to the backs of buses, if I knowingly voted for a KKK member or politician that openly supported it? If I agreed with all his other positions, but did not agree with putting Black people on the back of buses, would I be responsible for any law he helped pass forcing black people to the backs of buses.

The answer of course is YES! I would be responsible for such inhuman laws because I knowingly helped elect those who made it legal.

There are very few Progressives, Liberals, Democrats who would ever vote for a KKK member for President. That one issue alone would eliminate any chance of them voting for the person. So in this case, you would be a one issue voter no matter if you agreed with his other positions.

You would correctly state that the one issue of being a racist would supercede all other issues. You would say that his racist mentality would speak clearly to the core of his personal values. You would be correct in not voting for him because it would definitely speak to who he is and his lack of values.

To all the people who vote for Politicians who support No Restriction abortions, but say they are personally against them, why is it this one issue of No Restriction abortions does not bring forth your repugnance for the politician's core values?
Why is it you give this politician a pass when it comes to his inhuman support of killing viables babies for any reason up to birth.

There can be only one reason. You yourself could not care less about viable babies being killed for any reason up to birth. That one issue is not important enough to you to base your vote on it.

It bothers you more that a politician is a racist, than if the politician supports killing viable babies up to birth.

Is any of this getting through to phonies who say you are personally against late term abortions of viable babies, yet you still elect the radical fools lacking the simplest discernment of human values.

You simply lack the integrity and honesty to admit your support for killing healthy viable babies when voting for those who would keep it legal. We are not talking extreme case abortions that would still be allowed. We are talking about aborting healthy babies by healthy mothers with no health reasons, etc.

This is what this extreme Democrat Party supports. The next time you pull that lever, think about what you are supporting. It is no different then voting for a KKK member. The only difference is the victims are not Black. They are young and have no voice to cry out with.
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You will not see the decpetive people on this site even admit they would not vote for the KKK member I just described. This is how deceptive and phoney they are because admitting it would show their inhumanity to what they support with No Restriction abortions.