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LordSkeptic(92) pic

If a guy sends a nude by accident to his guy friend then he screenshots it who is Gay?

i dont know just though it would be funny to see the reply's XD

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The sender is gay because he sent the pic in the first place. The receiver is gay for looking at the pic for an abnormal amount of time. They are both gay for being gay at the same time, which doubles their gayness, manifests even more gayness, domino effects a plethera of gayness unknown to mortal man, and then in the end... the whole world winds up gay together in all of its gay glory and spherical gayness.

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That is by far the best response i've even got from that question

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You? Um, is that your fantasy? O.O

Kidding. Seriously though, I think this website had greater debates a year ago.

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The sender is potentially gay because he was taking nudes but no one knows who for, and the screenshotter is either planning to blackmail the sender, a perv or gay or all of the above

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