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Finders keepers Step AWAY from the money
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Finders keepers

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Step AWAY from the money

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Depends on the nature of the cash. Is it still in the truck, or did it land on my property scattered about? If scattered about, how do I know it came from the truck and isn't my lost money from last month or someone else's, but I know I'll never find them to give it to them?

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excon(13041) Disputed
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Depends on the nature of the cash.

Hello bront:

Those are wonderful questions, but they don't relate to my post.. Often times, reading the link helps..


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I would have drove on by and let them figure it out. Anything else?

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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But SUPER STUPID you would pass the ILLEGAL CASH to the ILLEGAL ALIENS ???????

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SUPER STUPID the LEFTIST should be picking up the cash and putting the ILLEGAL CASH in the pockets of ILLEGAL ALIENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!

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