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Only illegal families matter Illegals have more rights
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If any American citizen commited a crime, should they be freed to 'keep families together'

In the sanctuary city debate, illegal alien criminals are protected. The liberal excuse is "we have to keep families together". Okay, so why can't a white, black, Asian, Native, etc get protection to "keep families together"?

Only illegal families matter

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Illegals have more rights

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Only Mexicans matter to the white liberal. They've dried up the Black vote & are doing everything they can to create new voters.

Side: Only illegal families matter
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American citizens that commit crimes are allowed to stay with their families in vastly more greater numbers than not.

In fact almost all conservative law breakers do not do jail time for their crimes.

When was the last time you heard of a conservative being arrested for rolling through a stop sign? Me...never.

So clearly conservatives are getting away with committing crimes without doing jail time.

If an American citizen and a alien have valid state issued driver's licences who should the officer run a immigration check on?

Side: Illegals have more rights