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Absolutely. Wait..., what? No!!!
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If green aliens came to Earth - would you do one of them?


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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If they're good enough for Captain Kirk... ;)

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It would be racist and hypocritical for me to believe people of one color should be treated differently than people of another color. I WOULD, however, as always, be sure that it was consensual! ;-)

(And, of course, I would want them to be of age, not 14 or thereabout)>

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But..., wouldn't you be worried that if the pussy's green that it may have gone bad? Expired? ;)

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AlofRI(1865) Clarified
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I don't go for these "expiration dates" They never had them when I was growing up. If it passed the color (if it was supposed to be green and was), the smell (if it smelled bad, well...) and texture test, it was good. Those dates are a marketing device. Expired meant it was dead, and no, then I wouldn't DO it. I'm a bit choosey, but, why waste a GOOD thing...? ;-)

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