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Of COURSE, he should Trump can do no wrong
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If he's innocent, shouldn't the president ORDER the Mueller Report to be made public?

Of COURSE, he should

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Trump can do no wrong

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Yet, [he] will obstruct everything he can in every way he can and hope his repub co-conspirators in the senate go along. The Mueller report will only confirm what we already know...he was impeachable immediately upon being sworn in.

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Goblin2(107) Disputed
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You must not be familiar with the case. There isn't a shred of evidence of any kind, and Mueller is under Trump's AG now.

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Pedestrian(154) Disputed
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What world have you been watching ? There is a mountain of evidence of collusion and many other crimes. People do not plead guilty and get prison time without compelling evidence.

Mueller report in its entirety should be made public. If not, then this admin. really has something more to hide. Oh and Jeff Sessions was also 'trump's' AG

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Mueller works for theDOJ, which works for the Executive Branch. Trump should have them release it the day before the Presidential election.

The ad would say, "if the left was lying about THIS, what else have they been lying about it?"

Then show all the fake racist acts in the news that turned out to be setups by leftists.

A black church attacked, a Neo Nazi from Occupy Wallstreet, an actor in jail for faking a race attack...

Then end it with Ocasio Cortez making a bunch of nonsensical promises and running Amazon away from New York as she overuses the word "like"...

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Pedestrian(154) Disputed
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Filling in to get this in.....

Well now we know what you...want to believe.

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Does Barr as the AG have no say ??????? Toooooooo much CNN for the LIAR !!!!!!!!!!

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Pedestrian(154) Disputed
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In an honest admin. Barr does nothing. If he steps in, then the fix is in and we'll see the first successful Russian inspired digital coup as allowed by the the US senate.

Once again, the American people must reply upon an honest court to reveal to the public the complete corruption of the trump admin.

Why shouldn't Putin feel that US elites being a bunch of greedy power hungry capitalists, the republican party couldn't also be bought by him and his oligarchs just as corps. buy republican's profitable policies.

Having million$ even billion$ of free speech [sic] in the bank to speak very loudly for the opulent few, is the American way now.

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