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 If it was inevitable that Islam would become dominant worldwide... (47)

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If it was inevitable that Islam would become dominant worldwide...

Which sect would you hope to be the most popular?
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By the way things are looking these days in countries like the UK parts of the Middle East, and parts of the U.S. that allow Sharia Law to take place. It will try to become dominate worldwide, and with a lot of people (politicians) backing it up saying it's "a religion of peace" and that Islam isn't the issue is clearly blind because Islam is a problem especially in the world we live in today. People need to open up the Quran, and read it.

atypican(4873) Clarified
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So which Islamic sect do you think is most peaceful or least pernicious?

Jaywoosh(56) Clarified
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I don't think there is a peaceful section of Islam.

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Completely right. I think when we respectfully look at Islam and other religions one thing keeps it from being collated with most others. Islam is not about integration.... it is about dominance. All other religions are typically able to integrate and do not force an agenda by encouraging it's followers to lie, cheat and deceive to force it's agenda. Simply reading the Qur'an and hadith gives a great insight to how they promote dominance and kills anyone in their way.

I was once told by a Muslim I dated around 5 years ago, 'we do not seek to integrate or accept any of your ways of life and beliefs... we never said we would when moving from Iran to the UK. You let us come over and do this with open arms and so we have.... if someone stands on a street corner giving away money, would you take it? Sure you would! But would you stand with them and give your money away too? Most likely not'. Although this made me a bit mad, I completely understood their point.

Islam has no place in the UK in my opinion and not really much in the world generally. Practically any other religion I wouldn't have a problem with.

The militant atheist movement began its assault on religion with the intent of "getting rid of religion", but in reality, they began eroding only one religion, Christianity.

While they were eating away at Christianity, Islam was simply growing in numbers out on a Middle Eastern island, breeding like roaches and slowly working their way into the West. Militant Atheism simply created a religious vacuum that will now be filled with something worse from the Atheist perspective. This was unforgivably stupid and poorly thought out by the secular leadership. People need religion. They need something. What will happen is Christianity will begin dwindling away in the West and so will Atheism. Neither one will continue on. The religion that rules through brutal force will be the lone survivor by pure intimidation and numbers alone.

catninja(249) Disputed
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The spread of Islam has very little to do with the rise of atheism. The USA is still a religious country and it's spent most of the last 50 years invading the Middle East for oil related reasons... and it caused the Islamic revolution by overthrowing the Iranian government in the 1950s.

excon(5356) Disputed
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Hello again, bront:

Dude, DUDE, and DUDE again..

If you wanna KNOW about atheists, ASK an atheist.. And, I'm right HERE - just a few clicks away.. I stand ready to help.. But, you ain't interested.. I have NO idea why. But, don't READ about atheists on some right wing Christian web site.. That ain't gonna inform you. It'll fill your head with lies and you wind up here spreading 'em around.

Here's some TRUTH... There are NO militant atheists.. Lemme say that again.. There are NO militant atheists.. Atheists believe in NOTHING.. You CAN'T be militant about NOTHING.. You have to have a GRIEVANCE before you get militant about it.. People who have a GRIEVANCE against Christianity are ANTI Christians - NOT atheists.. You CAN'T hate Christianity unless Christianity HURT you somewhere along the line.. Those people aren't atheists.. At best, they're agnostic..

Look.. I'm an atheist.. I'm a STAUNCH atheist.. I'm as ATHEISTIC as you get.. But, I don't HATE Christians.. I don't have a bone to pick with Christians. I don't HATE Christmas.. I don't HATE creche's.

WHY don't you believe me? WHY do you believe your right wing claptrap instead of a REAL LIVE ATHEIST??


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I don't need to ask an atheist to see what it has done to the west. I mentioned nothing about atheist eschatology because it has none. Quit making false claims.

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I stand ready to help.. But, you ain't interested.. I have NO idea why. But, don't READ about atheists on some right wing Christian web site.. That ain't gonna inform you.

You "believe in nothing". Your words. That means there is nothing to learn. How long would it take you to teach me atheist theology, when there is no atheist theology? What exactly is it that you think that I would learn?

outlaw60(10108) Clarified
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LMMFAO didn't you say you were Jew EXCON ? You can't be a Jew and a Atheist

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I'm an Atheist. I don't want ANY religion to become dominant worldwide. I don't want Islam, I don't want Christianity, I don't want Judaism!

Then again, I don't want to destroy anyone's religion, I want intelligence and science to "dominate worldwide".

Look. Here you are touting your opinion on someone's religion, while "someone", elsewhere, is touting THEIR opinion on YOURS! The opinions are filled with hate for one another's religions. They are no different from the hate-filled opinions of centuries before! As long as we have these religious mantras, we will have hate. As long as we have different "words of gods", we will have hate. The centuries have proven it! Religions dominate one thing! MINDS! If there is a devil, it is religious dominance OF MINDS. It has been destroying us for centuries! This "devil" has killed billions and IT is what "dominates"!

outlaw60(10108) Clarified
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Crazy AL so why is it those on the Left have a fit when Muslims from terrorist states could come under a travel ban ?

AlofRI(2013) Clarified
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We don't. We "have a fit" when the Constitution is ignored, as the courts have confirmed over and over.

Crazy outhouse60, so why is it those on the right "had a fit" when Obama tried to act friendly with the Saudis, when Michelle didn't wear a head cover, and thought it was wonderful that Trump and his wife and daughter did FAR more to befriend these MAJOR exporters of terror that are NOT on the terrorist nation list ..... let's see, WHO financed and was in the majority when the Twin Towers came down??? And WHY are the Trumpers allowed to go bareheaded when Michelle "did a disrespectful thing" to those Muslim terrorists!

If YOU are calling it a "travel ban" it must BE, right? We, on the left, didn't like singling out countries that have NOT attacked us, and kowtowing to those that HAVE! (by the way, Trump doesn't have rhythm).....just sayin'.

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Well if Kuwait is anything to go by ......Kuwait has a sizable tourist population every year, and that both Sunni and Shia sects are well represented in its citizenry and living peacefully, Kuwait is one of the most peaceful predominantly Muslim countries. Another fact that testifies to the peacefulness of Kuwait is that there has never been civil conflict in its history.

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They were in the middle of a war and were taken over in the early 1990's... and with and by? Other Muslims. God you're dumb.

Dermot(4763) Disputed
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Oh dear , the site dummy doesn't know what civil conflict means

Dermot(4763) Disputed
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Every country has civil unrest that's different to conflict dummy

Dermot(4763) Disputed
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The depiction is accurate

My assertion remains correct

You've lost again , you're an 👉🐴🎩

Islam is the fastest growing religion worldwide. If we let terrorists kill all nice Muslims and then everyone else then it may be the only religion worldwide.

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atypicalleftist do you like the Religion of Islam and would you like that the Religion of Islam become dominant worldwide ?