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Players are killing themselves Black people are killing it
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If the NFL dies, will it be because of Kaepernik, or Concussions??

Players are killing themselves

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Black people are killing it

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I would say it's the link between brain damage and football players. There was something in the news recently about a football player who killed himself in jail after committing a violent crime. When they did an autopsy on his brain they found he had CTE which is damage to the brain in a region that controls emotion, impulse, social behavior and the like. It can only be found during an autopsy and out of 111 former NFL players whose brains had been donated and examined after death (of course) 110 had this condition.

It paves the way for some massive legal repercussion both for the NFL and for any NFL player who has been convicted (or found not-guilty but now there is a reason or scapegoat) of a violent crime.

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Oh please, the anthem protests could never kill the NFL. There's too much money involved for everyone to end it over taking knees. And I don't think concussions could kill it either. They'll just start making everyone sign massive waivers that they're aware of the risk, and then back to the field they go.

There are only two things that could kill the NFL. If nobody paid anymore because they don't care about it. Or if they made it so safe (like body suits of bubble wrap) that it could never be cool or interesting again.

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The players know that they're causing a controversy, that means that they're willing to suffer the consequences.

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Honestly, If the black football players are going to protest police brutality against blacks (even though 43% of all police brutality victims are white) , They should not disrespect america to do so. You see if you refuse to stand for the flag, you are showing utter disrespect towards the government, the citizens, and the veterans that fought and sacrificed themselves for our great nation. So, that is why these idiots who get paid millions of dollars to not respect their country can screw off of sports

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Who the fuck cares about the fucking NFL and the pledge of obedience? Whether they stand or kneel they are all pieces of spoiled steroid head donkey bullshit. I am so sick of fucking foot ball and this fucking meaningless waste of everyones time and energy. If you refuse to watch foot ball just because the players don't respect Donald Drumphs balls in their mouth then you are a retard, yet if you even watch foot ball in the first place and waste your life watching inbred neanderthals on steroids chase after a ball then you are also retarded, so I guess if you are even talking about this issue other than to point out how meaningless it is you are retarded.

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@FactMachine, I agree with the entire gist of your argument.

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I quit watching, don't care anymore, and don't want the product. They are losing millions of dollars and millions of viewers. Good. They deserve to.

Insulting white conservative men, who make up most of their ticket sales, jersey sales, and viewer audience, and then insulting the cops who are protecting the stadium they are playing in, was stupidity beyond the pale. I'll go watch the Sooners play right here and be fine.

I feel sorry for white people today who kept progressing and making things better, fought the war and righted the wrong, and then went through decades of their children being taught equality and to not be racist, just to grow up and be told what awful racist scumbags they are.

I as a vet see it as you would see it if you gave someone a place to stay, gave them $1,000, gave them a car, all to help them out, and then when they got on their feet, they gave you the finger. Yeah? Right back at ya. Defend your own country.

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Whilst I know nothing about the NFL I read about this "drama queens " refusal to stand for the national anthem in his words ,

โ€œI am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.โ€ โ€“ 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, on his decision to sit during the national anthem .......

Very brave of him isn't it ? These are the actions of a self entitled child who's paid very well to play football , politics have no place in

sports ; the public come to watch a ball game and are not their to see a traitor disrespect his flag and national anthem .

Did the crowd at the game not boo him or cat call ? Tell you what you wouldn't get away with not standing for the anthem over here would be a brave man to try

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@Dermot, "politics have no place in

sports ; the public come to watch a ball game and are not their to see a traitor disrespect his flag and national anthem ."

As FactMachine pointed out in his statement, "Who the fuck cares about the fucking NFL and the pledge of obedience?", politics is being inserted into the sports arena via the National Anthem and "Respect for the Flag" at the beginning of NFL games and other sporting events with these people (athletes, coaches, team management, ect.) are just expected to "fall in line" with the program of the people inserting politics into the arena (for which politics plays no intrinsic role to the game). So yes, people are allowed to not be bullied into obedience and just do what they are told simply because they are told. Rather, it is wiser to think for themselves on a matter, and if it turns out that they agree with the people inserting said politics into the game than they can support and join in on the pre-game political process/event. If they don't agree with it, then they shouldn't join in and support the political message that is being imposed on them and rather opt out and when asked "why are you opting out?", state your reasons.

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Dermot(4008) Disputed
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Well a lot of people obviously do care don't they ?

I'm from the Republic of Ireland I'm a proud Irishman , I stand for the national anthem as a mark of respect for sacrifices made by my ancestors in building the country I'm now privileged to call home .

I'm not expected to " fall in line " and no one is "bullying me " , if all these " heroes " are so upset at the country they live in why do they not do something as in take a case against the powers that be and change laws ?

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Who cares? I'll never watch football again when my countrymen are spilling their blood for the flag those spoiled brats refuse to stand up for.......and the spineless owners allow it to continue.

It's good to see the NFL losing a lot of ad revenue over their stupidity.

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