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 If walls don't work, & considered immoral, why do rich Dems build them around their homes? (7)

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If walls don't work, & considered immoral, why do rich Dems build them around their homes?

The hypocrisy from the Left is as always mind blowing!

Democrats say that border walls are immoral and do not work. If that is true, why do these hypocrites builds walls around their mansions? According to the Left, it is immoral to keep people out.

So why is it ok for those on the Left to build walls protecting their homes, but our nation and American people are not allowed the same protection?

As always, Liberals are complete phonies who care nothing for protecting all Americans. If you are not a possible future vote, you mean nothing to those on the Left.

It's all about hatred for Trump and Conservatives. According to people on the Left, if you don't think like good political correct Liberals, you deserve no tolerance! You are deplorable and irredeemable.
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So I get it, if you are a hypocritical Democrat, your rich donors are not immoral when they protect their homes with border walls, but Trump is for trying to protect all Americans from illegal immigrants.

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Because only they can build barriers and walls and use guns to defend themselves. Make sense?

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Yes, that is the sense of those on the Left. It amazes me how easily swayed low income voters can be.

HoneyPie7(73) Disputed
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Those rich libs are protecting themselves from their own crazy voters.

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And why did they support racist fences for decades pre Trump?


Any intelligent person should be outraged at the total hypocrisy and corruption from politicians. To actually swallow what fake news and hypocrite politicians put out makes a person a mindless wasted vote.

Trump is the type of politician every intelligent person has been yearning for. He was not bought and paid for by the powerful elites. Both Democrat's and RINO's were against him.

He is his own man with the priority of giving Americans what he said he would give them. He can not be pressured and bribed to go against what is best for America.

He is doing his best to fix issues that have been ignored for decades.