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Do you root for the American in the olympics, regardless of race?


Yes, it's America

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Do you root for the American in the olympics, regardless of race?

Hello bront:

Of course, I do.. I'm a patriotic American liberal.

But, I'm not sure what you're saying here.. Given that racists Antrim and Outlaw are both right wingers, you certainly wouldn't be suggesting that YOUR SIDE is the colorblind one, would you???



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Amarel(4987) Clarified
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If antrim and outlaw are racists, perhaps it's just them, and not "their side". Have you considered that racism is not a tenant of the Republican party? If you haven't, then you have resigned yourself to the sad and misguided belief that roughly 1 out of 2 Americans, is a complete racist. Does that seem reasonable?

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excon(13064) Disputed
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If antrim and outlaw are racists, perhaps it's just them, and not "their side".

Hello A:

Perhaps it is.. And, if so, I surly wouldn't be writing posts like this that makes the suggestions it does...


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AlofRI(2827) Clarified
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Republicans are certainly NOT ALL racists. Today's conservatives, though, are heavily weighted in that direction. Why do they send SO MANY of them to Washington if they are not?? They showed THEIR true colors when Democrats dared to elect an only HALF black man! If he'd been wholly black they might have burned Washington down! One of the most tolerant of them (chuckle), Russ Limbaugh … threatened to move to Costa Rica if they elected him! (I guess he found out that they had "socialist health care" and wouldn't go …. shucks! ;-)

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Redeemed(891) Disputed
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Patriotic American liberal is oxymoronic................................................................................................

Side: No, America sucks

Yes, without reservation. Color is not an issue.


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If I was an American I most certainly would.

My top American sporting heroes of all times are MIKE TYSON, Mohamed Ali, Rocky Marciano, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, who is making a comeback, Jessie Owens and Mark Spitz.

In any walk of life excellence eclipses all other factors.

In the U.K., and Ireland if someone has an American accent he/she is considered to be Yank, ( that's considered a term of high regard on this side of the pond) with skin colour being totally irrelevant.

Americans, black, white or Asian are welcome everywhere in the British Isles, (which includes the Island of Ireland) and will receive especially warm hospitality, particularly in Ireland, North and South.

If the U.K., or Ireland are beaten in a sporting event the disappointment is eased if the winner(s) is/are American.

If I had been an American I almost certainly would have voted for Barack Obama, but would have been as disappointed at his lack of performance and political paralysis as everyone else.

His intelligence, style, composure, oratory skills and apparent vision for America were all rendered no more than well delivered meaningless rhetoric without substance.

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excon(13064) Disputed
2 points

If I had been an American I almost certainly would have voted for Barack Obama

Hello A:

You would, huh? I don't think they had BONGO on the ballot.. How about his bongo FLARED nostrils, for sniffing out prey??? What about his bongo calf's, made for running through the jungle?? That wouldn't have bothered you??? How about the bongos INABILITY to compete with the white man?? Aren't you the one who said all that??

And, you'd VOTE for somebody like that???? DUDE! Not only are you a piece of shit racist motherfucker, you're a goddamn liar on top of it...

You owned up to your racist ways once.. I was proud of you for standing up.. But, now you PRETEND, and expect us to buy that shit..


Side: No, America sucks
Cocopops(345) Disputed
1 point

I thought that joke was hilarious, and still do.

Your reference to the calves did not form any part of this very clever joke.

In general it is an undeniable truth that blacks cannot compete successfully in a country with a predominately white population.

In the U.K., blacks make up around 10% of the population but represent 90% of all violent crime.

Those from Asian backgrounds along with whites can come to America and, generally speaking, make good while adding to the the prosperity of their adopted country and become an asset to the immediate communities in which they live.

In the U.K., and it seems also in America, most blacks lack the ability to discipline themselves to the ordered regime of systematic instruction so they don't avail themselves of the free education and grow up benighted criminals.

Of course they, like you, blame the white man on their self imposed plight.

Stating the fact-based truths supported by official statics isn't being racist, it's called being honest.

If anyone, or everyone claims that being truthful is racist, then so be it, I'm a racist and make no apology for stating the truth.

Your hysterical outburst of profanities further annuls your non-argument and places you in the gutter where you clearly belong.

Ask yourself these questions.

Why do blacks risk life and limb to get to white Europe in their 100s of 1000s?

Why do they sail across the great oceans in frail rickety crafts held together with chewing gum and elastic bands to benefit from the great civilizations of the white man?

Why have I been bombarded for decades with heart string plucking images of starving black African children as visual aids in the long running plea for money?

Why have our television screens been filled with films of blacks drinking filthy, diseased water?

Do blacks need the white man to explain to them the basics of hygiene and the necessity to purify water before it is considered fit for drinking?

Why do African blacks persist in planting their seeds in arid, sun parched ground which will not support the growth of crops?

Why do African villages and the townships of South Africa have totally inadequate sewage systems?

Let me revisit previous posts and ask you once again these questions.

Why do you think the following inventions and discoveries were all made by white men?

The computer you're using,

The language in which you're trying to communicate,

The internet,


The light bulb,

The radio,


The telephone,

the internal combustion engine,

the diesel engine,

the jet engine,

Space going rockets,

The locomotive,

The automobile,

The airplane,

The helicopter

The parachute,

High yield farming methods,

Modern construction techniques and materials,

Most pain relieving and life saving drugs including penicillin,


Surgical operating procedures,


The camera,

Navigational aids such a the sexton, binoculars and the telescope,

Hearing aids,


Splitting of the atom;- nuclear power,

The vacuum cleaner.

I could keep going until my cold gets better but I think even a dumb ass like you will get the message.

So, dear fool, where do Bongos feature in that list?

Would I have voted for Barack Obama?, yes I was definitely taken in by his oily voice, just like millions of others.

Side: Yes, it's America
1 point

Not only are you a piece of shit racist motherfucker, you're a goddamn liar on top of it...

Well, you do happily protect a group that literally believes the Mahdi won't appear until they begin mass slaughtering all Jews on Earth. Just sayin...

Side: Yes, it's America
1 point

You would, huh? I don't think they had BONGO on the ballot.. How about his bongo FLARED nostrils, for sniffing out prey?

Why are you giving racist slurs about black people Con? Do we need an intervention?

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Does America allow different races in the Olympics?? I never noticed …… :-)

Side: Yes, it's America
1 point

Yes, and during the Summer Olympics, most of them are black. I root hard for them.

Do you root hard for them, or do you root for them to lose so you can tell them they lost because of systematic racism? Do tell.

Side: No, America sucks
AlofRI(2827) Clarified
1 point

You know the answer to that, and it's not the conservative one you are trying to sell.

Side: Yes, it's America
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