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 If you had to live with one user from this site who would it be? (42)

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If you had to live with one user from this site who would it be?

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3 points

That's kind of a difficult decision... can I name users I wouldn't want to live with?

You are supposed to pick a user to live with but sure. Be my guest.

1 point

Everyone .

Me and lizzie would play call of duty all day.

Atrag(5445) Disputed
1 point

Ah you're so young haha.

How old is he?

2 points

i already live with mithoo19. ;) (she's my sister)

otherwise, troy8 is one person i'm most comfortable to talk to. :)

I would like to live with Cartman, just to know how that feels like. I imagine my self esteem would hit rock bottom that's for sure.

1 point

Sounds like a win win. Either you are completely wrong and living with me will raise your self esteem once you finally get a chance to compare yourself to me. Or you are right, and it can't get any worse after you stop living with me. :)

Hahaha :D

Whoever has the best poms poms ;)

joecavalry(37540) Clarified
1 point

I like poms poms ;)

Azra because she is very attractive and very pretty.

I see how it is. I see.

I am glad you see my point because my statement is very understanding.

2 points

I guess i could be roommates with who ever I get along with most and I mostly agree with rather than disagree. Otherwise We could have some arguments. Same interests as well I'll just put who I could put up with if I had to live with someone on here,

Lizzie, mainly because she has a wide range of musical taste which makes things easier and I hear she likes shooting games. I could live with her.

possibly Jungelson only because of our favourite animal and movie tastes. Not overly sure :/

These are people I haven't disagreed with as I recall :P I think I could put up with them xD

Living with you would be awesome. I wouldn't mind that at all. Thanks.

Azra. Either her or Lizzie. I know either one of them would take care of me.

1 point

Saurbaby...but, since she isn't around much anymore, AbbyNestor...because she is brutally honest!

That is 100% true.

2 points

OK, and good looking too! But too young for me! :(

I'd want it to be with someone who would make things interesting. Someone who hasn't declared themselves too young already. Someone not too political, religions, anti religious, or too strongly opinionated.

No one.

If this was a do or die situation, I'll gladly take death. No one would meet my criteria.

Pick a user. That is the point of this debate. Pick a user. "nobody" does not count.

Quocalimar(6470) Disputed
1 point

Did you read my argument? If this was life or death, I'd gladly choose death, I would not be able to stand being in a household with any of these users... no offense to these users, but we differ far too greatly.

1 point

I don't know its a tough decision.

Pick a user. Just pick one.

2 points

Lizzie I suppose.

1 point

Probably mitgag. She would be chill and we would have no problems.