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 If you're raised to kill - are you wrong? (6)

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If you're raised to kill - are you wrong?

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You most likely will end up 'wrong' yes.

You will probably not know how to fit in to society and live your life as a cannibal freak.

I doubt you'd ever enjoy a life of any fame, you'll like to live int he shadows, able to thrive as the monster you are.

PuppieTaco55(1) Clarified
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Taking away someone's life is wrong. If you take away a life, then you deserve to have yours to be gone.

Perhaps, but if they aren't dead or in prison then I guess they're good at what they do.

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Cannibalism and killing someone are 2 different things. Shit their is not enough people killing and eating other that I can not even find a source to quote.

Sad that you killing automatically equals eating the person you killed.

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Well, if you're raised to kill then I would think you are most likely in a cannibalistic family.