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Not if you're Trump Trump can do no wrong
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If you really wanted to stop illegal immigration, you'd sign up for E-Verify, right?

Not if you're Trump

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Trump can do no wrong

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Exactly rig … um … correct! And, correct again … "not if you're Trump". HE just wants to stir things up so you don't see what he's doing on the side …. making money on his office, playing profitable $million dollar golf outings, having profitable "secret business meetings" with Putin and the Saudi's.

"Hey, Put', If I'm NOT able to become a permanent "President", what kind'a deal can we make when I get out? (oops, bad wording!) How much will you give me for the U.S.????" "I "kind'a" wrote "The Art of the Deal", ya know?" :-(

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When will people see the elephant in the room. Once and for all, illegal a profit center.

E-Verify is the last thing the capitalists wants and will fight (spend free speech) to prevent any nationwide enforcement.

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In this case, he would be at a business disadvantage until the law is set in stone. Once a law is in place, he'll go to e-verify because he'd no longer be at a disadvantage. He's already admitted this.

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