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If you saw a man being shouted at on the tube/bus for manspreding would you step in?

Basically a couple of weeks ago i saw a ill say about 40 year old man being harassed, with him, me and this women were the only people on the bus and she was shouting how it was disrespectful so i cut in and told he she was being disrespectful for harassing this man and she literally ran off the bus in horror of what "such bad people we are"

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If yall were the only people on the bus and there's plenty of places for her to sit then I don't see what her problem is. Now if the bus was crowded and he was doing that then I wouldn't step in at all, I'd cheer her on.

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mrcatsam(577) Clarified
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A woman like that must be crazy, because there are plenty of seats on the Tube. Even the Central Line.

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Mint_tea(4061) Clarified
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Or she's just self-righteous to the point that she complains about anyone doing anything she see's even remotely rude. So.....yeah probably crazy.

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You'll have to accept that men have been reduced to third class citizens in the West and either lie down and take one for the team or be lynched by the new femo-nazism mobs. Men have been doing the heavy lifting and sacrificing in the West for years now, so why stop now? If men stopped working and vanished for just 3 days it would take a decade for women to clean up the mess if it got cleaned up at all.

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ApathyisRIP(19) Disputed
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Yea the majority ethnicity in the USA is a third class citizen lmao.

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Male isn't an ethnicity. Of course, I'm assuming you are liberal, so maybe in liberal koo koo land male is the new African American.

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