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Illegal Immigration

People from all over Central and South America illegally cross the border. What should happen to them? Should their children be legal residents of the US?
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I think there should be a program that allows immigrants to become legal residents for a very small fee or no fee at all provided that they find work within 6 months. If they don't, then they should be deported. There should be some method of keeping people out, though, like Trump's "giant wall" or a surveillance system. I also don't think that all babies born from illegal immigrants should become citizens just because they are born in the US.

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I also don't think that all babies born from illegal immigrants should become citizens just because they are born in the US.

Then how do you address ""All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."" within the 14th Amendment?

dcb9242000(167) Disputed
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That was passed in 1868 to give citizenship to freed slaves. The children of illegal immigrants aren't really subjected to the federal laws since they wouldn't be there if their parents didn't illegally cross into the US. Also, there aren't enough resources to go around to all of the poor people. If welfare goes to a person whose parents are illegal residents, then that means that more taxes have to be paid by people who are completely legal.

nm53(4) Disputed
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If a citizen enters illegally, they are not an American citizen, therefor the Constitution does not apply to them. They can not be granted the rights and freedoms of the Constitution because it only applies to those are legal American citizens.

Hahahahhahahahahjahahahah! All those Mexicans maybe will stop migrating here

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These low life criminals who work in the United States illegally do not, and indeed cannot, pay their just and lawful taxes. They are a significant element in preventing American citizens from earning a ''livable wage'' and deny the I.R.S. $ billions in unpaid taxes. These migrant filth are in the States for a free ride and don't have any allegiance whatsoever to their host nation. Rampant and irresponsible overspending along with unregulated immigration will ensure that America will be destroyed from within. The suicidal madcap economic policies of President Obama will do what America's enemies have never been able to achieve, it's destruction. Solution;= Obama out of office and the repatriation of all criminal immigrants. By even being in the States illegally automatically brands them as criminals never mind their tax evasion crimes.

Jace(4696) Disputed
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The mere correlation between immigrant populations and their criminality is inconclusive (source), let alone any causal link that controls for other variables such as access to living wage employment and education (which are actually known to causally affect crime rates). Lack of evidence aside, it makes absolutely no sense that people would go to great effort and risk to immigrate to one of the most heavily militarized and policed nations in the world just to commit crime.

The only substantive reason that immigrants have any detrimental affect upon non-immigrant employment rates and wage is owing to their illegal status which permits employers to pay them sub-standard wages, which in turn incentives employing them over non-immigrant applicants. An expedited path to citizenship would alleviate this problem rather than exacerbate it. The same would hold true of immigrants who cannot file tax returns because their employers will not permit it and/or because it risks their deportation.

The lack of an allegiance to their nations of origin would ostensibly be a benefit, given that it would mean they have no conflict of interest in joining the United States. A number of nations with high emigration arguably do not deserve loyalty since they fail to provide basic services to their populations, services which the U.S. ostensibly does provide.

Please feel free to identify any nation comparable in strength and history to the United States which was brought to its knees by allowing too many immigrants in. People like you have been making the same arguments against immigrants since this nation attracted its first immigrants, and they have been making them throughout the history of nations but I have yet to hear of any legitimate nation that collapsed because of immigration.

Kalamazoo(317) Disputed
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Tax evasion is a criminal offense and as each and every illegal immigrant, ( note the self explanatory term;- ''illegal'' immigrate) is a tax dodger they are therefore automatically criminals. What is it about that fact you cannot understand? In the UK., legislation is currently being passed whereby all illegal immigrants, ( otherwise known as the filth) caught working will receive a mandatory prison sentence, then be deported back to the pigsty's from whence they came. Employers using illegal immigrant labour will be fined up to £10 k per employee. Any counter argument to these indisputable facts is futile and pitifully juvenile.

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Human capital is arguably the most pivotal resource available to a nation, and accordingly its management should be taken quite seriously. The primary objective should be to cultivate a sustainable demographic, or more specifically one that in general contributes more than it takes from the state. Immigration has existed as long as nations have, and to my knowledge has never been the primary demise of a single society. Yet immigrant populations are consistently viewed first as a liability and rather rarely as a prospective asset. While immigration should be monitored and regulated, there is no reason to assume that it is inherently bad. Many of the issues that do exist with immigration arise from pre-existing domestic issues and mismanaged immigration processes.

The primary reasons for immigrant social dysfunction is owing to a non-facilitated period of very difficult integration - different politics, economy, language, communities, culture, etc. Investing in a more thorough integration program for immigrants would yield a return on investment for all parties, as opposed to the dead end waste of our futile and unnecessary attempts to turn most immigrants away. If immigrants with clean histories (i.e. not associated closely with groups allied against our nation) had easier legitimate access to citizenship then they would have no need to attempt illegal crossings at risk to themselves and expense to us; it also becomes a reasonable conclusion that illegal border activity would become easier to identify and address than it is at present.

The primary objections to immigration seem to be crime and lost jobs/wages. The former is inconclusive with respect to evidence source, and also precludes entry on the basis of assumed criminality rather than upon individual consideration. Job competition and non-regulated wages are both part of the free market that most anti-immigrants feign support of, so I hardly see the basis of their objection. More importantly, any adverse job/income related effects to immigration arise predominantly due to their illegal status which permits employers to exploit them at lower wages; making legal immigration easier would diminish this adverse effect.

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Ok so the main thing I got is most people they should be deported... if you haven't already watch something called a day without Mexicans guess what this world you live in where everything runs and you have food water power etc. the Mexicans help. They're out in fields or carpet mills sunrise to sun set working harder than the average American. Americans believe it or not don't make up our population those illegal immigrants you sit there and diss do. And who are you to say the children born here don't belong here because if were going to get technical here were all immigrants the only reason were American is because our parents were born here. Ok what about grandparents, great grandparents, or even great great grandparents somewhere in your lineage your n illegal immigrant because someone in your family came here either against their will or willingly without permission from natives. So argue that...

dcb9242000(167) Disputed
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The way that our parents and grandparents and every other generation of American that lived here was because the British people that migrated here fought the current inhabitants, won, and set up an actual society. They won the land through war and claimed it. Comparing that to people, some with drugs or criminal histories, who just randomly cross an established border and try to set up a life in land they are living on unfairly is inaccurate. If all of the illegal immigrants in America or those that want to live in America want to fight us to try to claim our land, then go ahead. Conquest and settlement is a lot different than illegal immigration.