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I'm looking for a new car. Which one's me?

A cool convertable

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convertables have better milage and they're hotter than any suv.

I recommend one from the BMW Z series.

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I was thinking convertible because of the better gas mileage. I really don't need the space from an SUV, which is the only argument for them that doesn't sound stupid to me. But, my credit is whack, so I'll probably be driving off the lot in a used sub-compact.

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If you want good mileage, just wait a few years for the release of the Th!nk car; a fully electric car for 2009 in the States. I would wait for the price to lower, but it looks awesome. It was originally Ford's concept, but some other company bought it.

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What are the price estimations on those?

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Batteries are separate.

"By taking out the cost of the battery ($34,000) the "City" car will only cost from $15,000 - $17,000 in the United States. A "mobility fee" of $100 to $200 a month that might also include services like insurance and wireless Internet access seems to be part of the business plan. Managing a two way exchange of electricity with the electric grid is another possibility. Thousands of cars plugged into the electric grid could be tapped during energy demand spikes. PG&E;plans to buy batteries that have outlived their usefulness for transportation but still retain capacity. The utility will install them in the basements of office towers and at electrical substations to store green energy produced by wind farms and solar arrays."

So, I guess that they cost a shit load to operate properly...

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I say, go with

Your legs are sticking to the vinyl and your posse's getting laughed at.

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haha true that!!! yeah, i agree with you on that one.......stupid 50 letter thing

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