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Imagining a Trumpless America

-China would still be stealing and cheating.

-The DOW would most likely be at 18,000 or less.

-Prison Reform would have sat on the shelf as usual.

-We'd probably be bombing and warring all across the globe like usual.

-The deep state's corruption and mass surveillance would be hidden.

-The Clinton Foundation would be in a massive, multi billion dollar Quid pro quo scam.


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The deep state's corruption

Ahahaha! Shut up Bronto, you pathetically stupid fascist parody. Not only do both sides of your debate represent the same opinion, making it impossible to disagree with your whopping mammoth lies, but this is the Google search page under the terms "Trump corruption":-

149 million hits.

Buh, buh, buh, everyone except Trump is corrupt, right?

Now where have I heard this line of bullshit before?

Oh yeah, that's right. 1930s Germany.

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