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 "In God We Trust" right there on a 20 dollar bill (10)

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"In God We Trust" right there on a 20 dollar bill

Does the American Left complain about the dollar bills they are spending when those dollar bills have "In God We Trust" printed on those dollar bills ?
The American Left oppose the whole notion of God so are they opposed to the greenbacks they have in their wallet ?
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Oh the hypocrisy of the Left is beautiful thing to watch.

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You seem to think no one goes to church or are Christians on the left. Wrong. There are likely just as many Democrats in church on Sunday as Republicans. Most African Americans are Christians, and far more devout than many on the right, and there is a healthy number of white folks also, even in my own family. Another false premise of the radical right.

The country did fine until 1956 without the IGWT motto on our bills. It was bound to happen what with the passion of Christians. No one says America isn't largely Christian but, the Constitution makes all religions equal in this country (also equal to Atheism or whatever). I fail to see any hypocrisy in the fact, it doesn't make the bill worth one cent more. Can't you find a REAL hypocrisy to rant about, like, electing a REAL hypocrite to the White House? Today he makes a big show of being a Christian ... for the first time in his life!

outlaw60(11111) Clarified
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AL don't you just hate those greenbacks and even the change that makes you greenbacks! AL you Leftist are the biggest hypocrites known to the modern world

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But you oppose Islam yet totally support the idea of your president signing an arms deal with a tyrannical Muslim depot as in the King of Saudi Arabia , and your president actually bowed to this thug who's country supplied the 9/11 attackers .

Maybe you's should put a cartoon of Allah on your currency ..... oh wait they don't like cartoons do they 🙀

outlaw60(11111) Clarified
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Excellent Rant but i still can't figure out why you are so confused Darwin ? Is your love of Muslims that keep you in the State of Turmoil ?

Dermot(4989) Disputed
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My love of Muslims ? Even for you that's a bizzare statement I cannot stand Islam unlike Donald who licks their ass once they have money

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Hello poochy boy:

You're right.. I don't deal with CHRISTIAN dollars.. I'm afraid if I TOUCH one, God will git me...

Now, get this bone.


FromWithin(6051) Disputed
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Poor little fool boy. You refuse to answer answer why 700 billion dollars in cuts to medicare, by democrats, would not create old people dying in the streets, as you said medicaid cuts, by republicans, would do.

You think you are so cute spewing worthless rhetoric with no basis, and then refuse to admit what your side has done.

Yup... DEM CONSERVATIVES is STOOPID, EBIL, ands wants peoples to dies in dem streets.

outlaw60(11111) Clarified
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CON your a 74 year old Vietnam Vet that owns a business and you don't deal with CHRISTIAN dollars that must make you a LIAR BASEMENT BOY LMMFAO

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"In God We Trust" was only added to U.S. currency in the 1950s as part of a collection of equally ridiculous and unconstitutional measures passed during the period of Cold War hysteria to distinguish the good ol' US of A from the obviously godless and satanic Soviet Empire. To try and imply, as some people do, that objecting to it makes one "unpatriotic" in some way, or is indicative of a hatred of religion, is ridiculous. America had a perfectly good national motto -- "E pluribus unum" -- until it was randomly decided to replace it with some god-bothering nonsense.

Oh, and isn't it intriguing to contrast the American "In God We Trust" $10 bill with the British £10 note with Charles Darwin's portrait on the reverse? Huh, I guess we colonisers do do some things better after all...

outlaw60(11111) Clarified
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If it was unconstitutional then Barack Obama should have rectified the unconstitutional measures that took place being he was "The Golden Boy of the Left" . So why didn't it happen ?

stswebb(73) Disputed
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I don't know, probably because Obama isn't actually perfect, even if you seem to think that I believe he is?

I realise that many of you conservatives live in a bizarre Manichaean universe in which everybody and everything must be either absolutely correct or the spawn of the devil, but the real world doesn't actually work that way.