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In Memoriam: Axmeister

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2 points

I think I scared him away with my patriotism.

1 point

Bitch, it's been 90 days? Where the hell are ya?

2 points

He must be dreaming of shagging da queen?

1 point

He's fucking Kinda with MicMacMoc as the cameraman.

I actually miss this bitch being here. Now I am pretty much the only one here to defend Britain against America in debates.

1 point

Er... I had school?

Though on a serious note, I have been concentrating on my studies for a while, took a break from the internet as a whole, but to be honest I did look in on Createdebate now and then, I just never had the time to construct argument worth reading.

I often take these breaks from CD for a bit, this one was just longer than most, it all comes from me taking on too many debates at once, with arguments getting longer and longer with every dispute until I end up spending 3 hours writing in debates. However it is now the holidays over here in GB and I thought I'd spend some time catching up.

It was nice to see that I was missed :)