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In my days - sexual harrasment was known as flirting.


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Wait..., What? No!!!

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A little groping never hurt nobody ;)

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It would depend on what you mean by 'sexual harassment' and when 'your day' was. There is truth to this in some range of minor circumstances. I also think there tends to be a double standard for men and women on this topic.

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In my day it was known as eating out...

Friend: bronto did you eat her out you magnificent flirting bastard?

Bronto: I ate her in and out.

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Did the hairs tickle your nose ;)

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Flirting, now and even back in your days, is talk and eye contact and offering affection to see if it gets reciprocated. That is different from taking, grabbing, groping, displaying your genitalia, jerking off in front of them, slapping, forcing a kiss, or raping.

I'm not a youngster. Even back in the days when I would have been it was well known what was acceptable flirting and what was harrassing.

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Side: Wait..., What? No!!!
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Ahh, yes indeed!

And that clip was a long time ago.

But appropriately, they're shocked he did it. They didn't just say oh well that's normal.

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