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 In what position do you sleep? (15)

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In what position do you sleep?

Just out of curiosity! Laughing

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Oh my God.... These debates exploring the minutiae of our everyday lives are getting out of control!

Let's try getting on to some more pressing issues. We all know that there are many out there. I understand people need some relief once in a while, but come on. Really? Why don't we make a debate about what time we all wake up or what schedule our bathroom visits are on? Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised. What is this? A sleepover? So let's end this before we have to see what each other's shower routine is.

Well, I did post on this debate, so I'll go ahead and say, on my stomach with my head on a pillow. Simple? Yes. Comfortable? Incredibly.

| Side: come on
1 point

Yeah, It is possible to have an easy going and fun debate that is not completely pointless. I think I have shown that. But I guess it just comes down to the opinion of what is pointless.

I usually sleep on my side, or my back. Depending on how tired I am. (;

| Side: come on
missorange(74) Disputed
1 point

Well, this question actually ISN'T about the minutiae of your everyday life.

Sleeping postions are supposed to tell alot about the p$ersonality and emotional stability from the position you form when you are subconcious.

So this actually has nothing to do with bathroom visits...why would that matter? Silly? Very :D

| Side: In what position do you sleep?

This doesn't have anything to do with bathroom visits. But other recent, and not-so-recent, debates do. It's pretty crazy. And you can't even debate over sleeping positions. I don't know... I guess it just makes me kind of mad. Oh well.

| Side: In what position do you sleep?

Horizontally, most nights! And I must say that this is much more comfortable than falling asleep in a seated position, tilted forward, with your face pressed against the keyboard in the qwerty position.

| Side: Horizontally
1 point

I sleep with my knees tucked into my tummy...and on my left side..

| Side: Knees tucked in
JakeJ(3232) Disputed
3 points

Seriously?, I can't think of a more uncomfortable way to sleep.

"and on my left side"

What about your right side, that doesn't make any sense.

| Side: this is a debate remember
missorange(74) Disputed
1 point

Yes, i do sleep that way...

And yes it does make sense "on my left side" is pretty self-explanatory: it means that I sleep on my left side...! :O :O :O

| Side: In what position do you sleep?

On my back, mostly. But occasionally I flip over on my belly after trying the right side and finding it uncomfortable after a while. But then being on my belly get uncomfortable after a while so I go on my left side. OK...., basically I toss and turn in place ;)

| Side: In what position do you sleep?
2 points

Your mom was on her back last night. And then she kept tossing and turning too. ;)

| Side: In what position do you sleep?

Where does this come from? I mean, what does it mean? What are you saying?

| Side: In what position do you sleep?
1 point

I sleep either on my back or on my side. With music playing from my iPod. And I use as many blankets as I can on a cold winter night. But by summer, I have trouble lying there even without any blanket. I react way too extreme to temperature.

| Side: In what position do you sleep?

I'd like to say the missionary position but this is a family channel so.... ;)

| Side: In what position do you sleep?
missorange(74) Disputed
1 point

By the way...

You say you'd like to but it's a family channel...

You just did.............

| Side: In what position do you sleep?

Damn! You're right. Well... I actually didn't say it, I typed it. Does that count for something? :)

| Side: In what position do you sleep?

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