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Iphone or Android


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1) Androids are cheaper

2) They have a better OS

3) No android manufacturer has ever made something as terrible as the IPhone X.

4) They're easier to develop for.

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Frankly, ever since the Woz left, I really want nothing to do with Apple. Jobs was never what people thought he was, and Apple is incredibly exploitative. I'm a fan of open systems, at any rate, and Apple is about as proprietary as you can get.

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Android. Unless you like paying more for an inferior product. Which Apple is happy to report there is no shortage of these types of people in the world. Which completely explains our politics. :P

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Androids are cheaper, but they aren't as good quality as an iPhone. At least iPhones never exploded and caught on fire because of a battery.

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True,but last time I checked at least androids don't shatter being dropped just once. Iphones have always had a better and faster CPU. But does get hot faster than androids due to it not being vented correctly. Androids are starting to catch up with the newest version Oreo. Oreo will bring the CPU overall usage down a bit giving more battery life and giving games more power. Currently using marshmallow you manually have to shut such background data off or you can alter settings. But Oreo it does it without any user interaction. Iphones are ahead in this factor. But 2018 will be the real test when Android 8.0 and 8.1 otherwise known as Oreo is released on all devices.

Iphones are pricier but you do get what you paid for. It comes down to what the user prefers the Iphones GUI or the Andriods GUI.

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