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Is Advertising Harmful?

Internet advertising is believed to be worth 24 BILLION per year - which is a shame because I'm not getting any of it. 


Almost every public space has some form of advertising. Even the web page you are looking at right now has advertising on it.

Therefore advertising has a big impact on the community.


But is it harmful?


Harmful Advertising 

Does this scare you?


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Advertising can be very good and benefit many people. However a lot of advertisers perhaps do not know where to draw the line: the most complained about advert is a KFC advert where people sing about the food with their mouths full. In total there was 1671 complaints. The Advertising Standards Agency have received 430000 complaints in total. If adverts were completely harmless this would never have been the case.

Are adverts getting worse? In 2011 there was a record amount of 31598 complaints to the ASA.

There is the issue that adverts are brainwashing people into thinking certain things and having certain views that have bee 'grilled' into them. If this is the case then do media and adverts have more power than some governments? They have the power to make people think certain things, such as "I'll go and buy a McDonald's", whereas several government struggle to get their views across.

The video below is the most complained about advert. Although it is now banned I think that it has the potential to be very harmful to the younger generation who may not think so freely. I wouldn't want to go into KFC and see this going on. Would you (for those idiots out there, that was rhetorical)?

Advertising is harmful.

KFC Banned Advert
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Another strange commercial is this one. What would you do if this happened in ASDA?

Another Banned Advert - Hilarious
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Is it harmful? Sure, so are cars. So are peanuts. We must, as a society, collectively agree on the fact that people must have the right to choose whatever they'd like to choose, even if it makes them fat.

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Which is why the BBC has the best channels.

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Creative ideas and unique marketing strategy is always you have before you think of this process. Always think that there is no accurate guide to earn much even you have millions of prospective clients, it is all on how you drive your own advertisement. Those who earn much are those already established their names in various industry.



Supporting Evidence: Eat My Words (
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Advertising helps to promote a product and if someone wants to sell a certain kind of soda, the company should be able to do so.

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