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Is Alex Jones a zionist shill?

Alex Jones says he supports Israel
Alex Jones used to talk about how the left-right paradigm was just a farcical sham and how the federal reserve was a private robber baron croney capitalist institution yet his partisanship becomes more blatant by the day and instead of talking about the inner workings of the deep state or the multinational cartel controlling the government he'd rather mock SJWs and trannies or lie about how the sentient central AI computer that controls the government and is now operational has concluded that the globalists shouldn't kill Alex Jones and that's the only reason the CIA hasn't assassinated him (he literally said that)

Zionist shill

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It is not an AI that controls the Illuminati, it is a group of aliens.

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does your really believe that? I don't know what thats true

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Yes, I really believe that.

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I think he's Caucasian and Christian??

How it can be a Zionist?

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