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 Is America an ideal tourist destination? (11)

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Is America an ideal tourist destination?

America certainly boasts of splendid landscapes ,outstanding hotels and services,hidden symbols of mystery and can definitely be considered a 'Tourist Heaven'

Yet I have to say regardless of that the country has a high crime rate,underground criminal communication and has recently been considered quite 'Unsafe'

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I guess this is a relative argument and would depend upon where people go and at what time of day. The crime rate would be higher in some places than others and there would be places where it would not be safe to be a tourist wandering about, especially at night.

However, in so saying, some friends recently sought advice before they went and had a great time in America, especially enjoyed their visit to New York.

I liked California but Florida is shit. There are some sights to see in America but it is pretty devoid of it's own culture. I prefer Europe.

Like every other nation, we have ghettos and crime, you should be safe though. Just don't fall for any tourist scams, its much like visiting china or Europe you're probably safe most places you go, but people may try to scam you.

All of your arguments look quite skeptical;It's true that unless you are yourself a tourist you can't give a proper reasoning but on a whole when I've asked some tourists,their answers have been quite the same 'America provides an ideal place for tourists to reside and the people are friendly and very much helpful;Theirs no doubt America's tourist facilities are indeed exceptional but as you are saying tourist scams,you have to be careful about it.

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More like immigration scams, you'll be fine.

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Yes. I have been to a number of destinations in the States and they all had a number of features in common. The people are open and friendly, efficiency and promptness of service is the best in the world, cleanliness is outstanding and all 'places of interest' are tastefully developed. American infrastructure is light years ahead of most European countries with domestic flights and inter-State train services scheduled at regular frequencies. With all that the United States has going for it it is no wonder that only 10% of Americans have a passport.

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America is alright there are some states that are nice and some are crappy, but I would rather go somewhere else

When Europeans read about the gun violence in America, this factor can put a damper on America being a safe tourist destination.

Well you're pretty much right in your assessment it's more like the Palestinian's fear of Israel's invasion

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No,,, because they loot people in the name of tourism.

America is ass hole...

America can never compete with Russia....

America should learn from Russia and India..

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It depends on what kind of things you like: if you like big cities with lots of people or smaller cities far away from those, beautiful beaches, (kind of) unhealthy food then yes america would be a good destination for you but I also have to say that the people are more open-minded than I‘m used to and you have to get used to it at first