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Is Competition Beneficial To The Learning Process?


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Well, yes, because doesn't it teach us that it is important to work hard towards a goal? I mean, if we practice hard enough at something it will give us a great understanding of it, but a competition will reinforce this understanding and allow it to be applied better in a pressured situation. Competitions get us all fired up and allow us to feel nerves and pressure, which then forces us to work even harder to overcome the competitive challenges that lay ahead. So, in short, Competitions allow us to apply what we have learned in a harder, and therefore more beneficial way.

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NVYN(281) Disputed
2 points

When you're in competition, you're applying acquired knowledge to try and outperform others, you're not learning nada!

Think about the process of learning how to ride a bike: Do you learn how to ride a bike by getting a bunch of friends together (they also don't know how to ride one), each with a bike and then declare a bike race? No you don't! Doing that will make you all a great circus act, but it'll give you more bruises than bike riding ability. How do you most likely learn to ride a bike? With somebody helping you of course, like your ma or pa for example.


These are your exact words "So, in short, Competitions allow us to apply what we have learned in a harder, and therefore more beneficial way."

That's right, "what we have learned...", as in already learned, past tense.

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SMCdeBater(241) Disputed
2 points

I never claimed that we go to competitions just for the sake of learning, I have argued that it reinforces what we have learned. Sure, we might learn a trick or two here and there, but it still allows us to try out what we have learned. This way, we get an understanding of what works and what doesn't, and proceed accordingly. We learn about what works and what doesn't. Get it?

If you don't understand my point now, you probably never will, so go cry out your opinions in another debate because they aren't convincing me here. If you are so keen on putting me in my place, then give me a challenging argument, something that you actually believe in; stop presenting crap and actually say something worthwhile.

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3 points

If people are more competitive, then they will work harder to be the best. If all people are more competitive, then they will excel (my personal beliefs). I feel it beneficial because, I work harder when I'm put under pressure. Even if it's just a competition between friends, it makes me work harder. When we get into the real world we will have to compete with a lot more people...that's capitalism.

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Mahollinder(898) Disputed
2 points

If people are more competitive, then they will work harder to be the best.

I think that this condition is rebutted somewhat by reality. The caveat: "some" should be included. That is, "some people" will work harder to be the best (whatever that means). But this actually doesn't really answer the question. Remember, it's not about being the best. It's about whether or not someone has a working understanding of some group of information, and can recall it laterally and substantively. Is competition good for the process that leads to that understanding and why? I actually don't think it is.

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NVYN(281) Disputed
2 points

If the learning process is defined as: "the process in which one notices new information and retains it for later application", then what you said about competition putting you under pressure means it's detrimental to the learning process. Your brain retains information better when it's not under stress, apparently.

| Side: No

If you know how to do it in a respectful way.

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3 points

It is only beneficial to the top students. In my class I compete with my friends a lot, we are all smart students but we keep our compititions private. The other students could begin to think they are not as good and therefor do not try as hard as they could.

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SMCdeBater(241) Disputed
2 points

"It is only beneficial to the top students."

So, you're defining the topic as classroom competition, correct? Or, at least you are focused on the one example.

Overall, competition supports the original education of a topic. If students aren't willing to participate, then why ridicule competition? That would be like blaming cute dolphins for murdering a man who slipped over and died while looking at them as he walked by. It sounds ridiculous doesn't it? By that I mean the example of the dolphin. But then again, doesn't that whole argument sound stupid as well?

"The other students could begin to think they are not as good and therefore do not try as hard as they could."

1. This isn't always the case.

2. This is where a teacher comes in, who should be paying attention to the productivity of students in competitive environments, and examining their scores. From there, they are able to speak with the student and help to further improve their productivity.

So, competition works when it is applied. If someone doesn't apply it, then it shouldn't be blamed.

| Side: yes
2 points

I do not believe it to be beneficial, but I do know that I was always better at learning when I had to compete against somebody else.

| Side: No
deepfrykids(46) Disputed
4 points

You don't believe it to be beneficial, yet you found it beneficial yourself? Contradiction yourself much?

| Side: yes
Houston(186) Disputed
2 points

It was beneficial to him, personally, but maybe not so much other people. When people lose competitions, they either try harder, which is good, or they think they are stupid and skip tomorrow's homework.

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2 points

Nope, competition is destructive, on the other hand, cooperation is beneficial.

Competition pressure can drive people to cheating to obtain good results. So in the end, all they learn is how to cheat well. Competition can also make you defensive, your mind closed to the process of learning.

Cooperation does not have pressures to perform, in that environment, the brain is more relaxed and open to new facts.

So in summation, competition can make you want to start the learning process, but the learning process itself needs cooperation.

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SMCdeBater(241) Disputed
2 points

"Competition is destructive."

How so? I don't see a great deal of destruction lying around anywhere...

Actually... that depends on what you're defining "competition" as. Sports? Questionnaires? Game Shows? There are many different types of competition, to be sure. Sports, sure, naturally there are going to be a few foul plays and definitely a few injuries, but to define all sport competitions as "destructive" isn't realistic. As for competitive games such as board games, quizzes, and such, there is going to be a rare amount of destruction (with the exception of child tantrums, I've seen to many of them to doubt it).

"Competition pressure drive people to cheating to obtain good results."

Haven't you heard of hard, honest work? I don't know about you, but competitiveness isn't just an excuse to cheat, and even if it were for some people, that wouldn't be the same for the rest.

"So, in the end, all they learn is how to cheat well."

So, whilst a competition is going on, competitors are studying methods on how to cheat? How many would actually study how to cheat, let alone cheat in the first place?

"Cooperation does not have pressures to perform, in that environment..."

Therefore, it is evident that there is nothing to strive for, nothing to promote the act of hard work.

"...the brain is more relaxed and open to new facts."

Relaxation is only temporary, sooner or later the brain needs to start working harder in order to better understand new information. We could all "relax" and read that 1+1=2, but the brain's activity, whilst in a relaxed situation, is doing very little to effectively memorize new information. So, in a test, perhaps 1+1 doesn't = 3 after all...

"Competition may want you to start the learning process..."

Since when to people compete when they have little to no knowledge on what it is that they are doing? The start of the learning process is education; we need to educate ourselves before we attempt competitive reinforcement. If you feel that cooperation is so important, then it would work much more effectively with education, because we need to be able to know what we are doing before we do it. It's like riding a bike, you don't ride a bike until you know how to make it move.

Competition is beneficial to the learning process because it reinforces what we have been taught and teaches us how to apply what we know whilst under pressure.

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NVYN(281) Disputed
2 points

Competition is destructive

Don't take this out of context. The context here is the learning process. Competition is destructive to the learning process. For sporting competitions and gameshows and whathaveyous, it's good :)


Haven't you heard of hard, honest work?

I actually have heard of this concept, yes! I'm not talking about those honest souls out there. We're talking about the cheaters only ofcourse. A lot of us will learn and study the honest way (which is good for us), however some will cheat to get good grades, that's what competition does. If the competitiveness was taken out of the learning process, nobody would feel the need to get good grades, they'd only feel the need to expand their knowledge and minds and would most likely cooperate to do that (as opposed to compete to do it).


With the rest of your arguments (as with the above ones), you are guilty of quotemining, nonsensicle interpretations & contradictory statements, all done with a belligerent teenage attitude (this last bit was added in for fun). I'm starting to know you a bit better now, and clarity of thoughts, my friend, is an ability you still need to work on (as do many others here on CreateDebate).

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1 point

Learning is a continious process in life.We seek knowldge because our profet laid great emphasis for knoldge and has said that to find knowldge you visit china we should ackure knoldge not for competing others but we seek to become good human being become a good son mother.

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1 point

Competition only affects toppers only but what about rest??. They get only discouragement , their self confidence goes down and began to think that can never do well

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