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Is Dokdo/Takeshima Island Japanese territory?

Dokdo Island (also called Liancourt Rocks by some nations and Takeshima by Japan) is 215 kms from mainland Korea and 250 kms from Japan proper. The nearest land mass is Korea’s Ulleung-do Island at about 87 kms away. The islets are visible from Korea’s Ulleungdo on fair days. The nearest Japanese territory Oki Islands is 157 kms away. Dokdo is never visible from Japan’s Oki Islands.


It's sea of east, by the way


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First, Samguk Sagi says that the general Lee Sabu conquered Ulleungdo in the 13th year that King Jijeung was in power of Silla. This means dokdo became territory of Silla as annexed islands of Ulleungdo.

Also, Geography Section of the Annals of King Sejong records that Ulleungdo and Dokdo are the islands that belong to Gangwon Uljinhyeon.

And, in 17th century, after the negotiation between Tokugawa shogunate and government of Joseon, the Japanese administration setup, Taejeonggwan gived direction to Home Department to keep in mind that Ulleungdo and Dokdo are have nothing with Japan.

Lastly, after defeat of Japanese imperialism, they promise the return of Korean territory through the Cairo Declaration and

the Potsdam Declaration. And in 1946, they seperated Dokdo executively.

So, Dokdo Island is not Japanese territory.

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"Dokdo(takeshima island) is Korean territory, geographical, historical, explicit international law."

1. First, geographically. some of geographically and Ulleungdo and Dokdo, which he was been identified as through documents such as 'Sejong realty jiriji' and check.

2. Throughout history, our land is clear. Annals of King Sejong jiriji In addition to 'sinjeungdonggugyeojiseungnam', 'Dongguk inadvertently literature', 'cradle to maturity' consistently recorded about Dokdo, in literature 'inadvertently literature and enlargement.', and many other taejeonggwanI have it.

3. Also the 17th century, bilateral negotiations between the two governments, and Ulleungdo and Dokdo and its adjacent islands is our territory through the process has been confirmed.

4. In 1905, Dokdo Japanese government, until just before the transfer attempt, Dokdo is not its territory by the Shimane Prefecture passed on the government maintain the perception that 1877, and this ' taejeonggwanIdentified by the directive ' and other Japanese government official document.

5, the Korean Empire in the 1900 'decree No. 41' committed Uldo county head has jurisdiction over the Dokdo, into (Ulleungdo) jurisdiction and addressed. has jurisdiction over the Dokdo

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