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Is Hillary Clinton a Bitch?


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Well, she's a lawyer, married to a lawyer, so....

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Your right, lawyer and menopausal. God help us all!!! And don't forget congenital liar, traitor to the US Constitution and on and on. Some of her supporters don't think this is a bad thing. Just how where these people raised? Looks like scruples wasn't a part of the upbring.

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2 points

Lying, backstabbing, etc., all just to win a Nomination, not even a real election yet.

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1 point

I'm thinking yes on this one??? I actually don't mind her that much but I'm sure she is a big ole bitch!

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Yes. Beautiful, Intelligent, Terrific, Cute, and Happy. ;)

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She was doing what she had to win.

If she had won, that would have shown that it wasnt time for Obama to take the stage.

Since Hillary didnt win, she is acting extremely humbly.

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Yoshokatana(13) Disputed
1 point

Obama was doing what he had to win. We know this because he won. She apparently was doing what she had to lose.

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SenatorDan(3) Disputed
1 point

Humble? Obama gave her the job to buy her off and get endorsement from Billy Boob. She even said Obama wasn't ready for the White House during her run for election. These people lack scruples, period.

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1 point

Fascinating how whenever a strong woman with plans and ideas in an arena not yet tackled by her gender she is immediately libeled. What about her makes her a "bitch" exactly? The fact that she didn't dumb down any of her tactics and continues to push for women's rights and improving the foster care system, or that she new her stuff well enough to shove numbers about the crashing housing market and putting money back into education? Why is she judged so primarily on an image that anti-feminists helped construct on the back of the decade-old Lewinsky scandal (PS-all she did was stick by Bill)? Why don't we look at her previous platform and extensive experience as an active first lady and dedicated senator. I suppose women were only meant to rise to the feet of men as "first lady". The implications made about her character by people who haven't read her platform and aren't familiar with her resume at the state and federal level is insulting.

The cited URL reflects her some of her campaign initiatives. Try reading a little before you pass judgment.

Supporting Evidence: Clinton's platform (
| Side: Clinton the person
SenatorDan(3) Disputed
1 point

Menopausal, does that ring a bell for you? Just because she was the first bitch doesn't give her any special talents. Now the fact she is a lawyer should raise a RED flag. All the ones I've met and heard of are criminals and congenital liars. The Washington Post even printed that statement if you'll remember and the bitch didn't file suit against them for it. So she must know it's true. She should be arrested today as a traitor of the United States for the subversion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in supporting the UN's ATT Conference on small arms world wide. If the US government was doing it right for the people, they wouldn't have to worry about our weapons being used against them and law enforcement who are their hired protection. If the Senate magages to ratify any UN agreement banning any weapon which will go against the 2nd Amendment and the law tries to enforce it, then you'll see the people rise up and target law enforcement and then the politicians, and I'll be along side of them. You subvert my constitution and your a target for sure............

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