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Is Interracial Marriage a sin?


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Sure... Why not. Everything good is.

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lolzors93(3225) Disputed
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What good things are sins?

Side: No
ricedaragh(2520) Disputed
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Sodomy .

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First of ... I wouldn't give a crap about whether it is or not. Do it anyway, the bible is not the law, it is a rulebook for stupid people.

Second ... No, I can't seem to find a single verse that says anything about interracial marriages. But then again, the stories in the bible all take place in the same place of earth. Chances are everyone was the same color, since traveling wasn't as easy back then.

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No. Because there is no God.

Next question please...

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thousandin1(1933) Clarified
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Clarifying rather than disputing as I don't want to lend any support to the Yes side of this bullshit.

Your statement does not follow. Regardless of whether there is a God or not, sins exist; numerous offenses are labelled as sins. If there is no God, then that just means they've been labeled as such by humans; they're still labeled as sins either way.

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No, just no.

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No. Marriage is marriage its a holy union between two people, and therefore not a sin.

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