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Is Michael Vick Still the Most Hated Athlete?

The Philadelphia Eagles disappointed in 2011 and didn't make the playoffs, but at least they can say their quarterback Michael Vick is No. 1! Unfortunately, it's for the wrong reason Tom Van Riper, and Yahoo! spent the last few months gathering data through various polls to find out that Vick is still America's most disliked athlete.


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Afraid so. I read that article too although I for one was hoping for Tiger Woods, but oh well. The link's below for anyone who didn't get a chance or has no clue what this is about.

Supporting Evidence: America's Most Disliked Athletes (
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Correct me if I am wrong but He is the only one I hear about where I live.

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I'm really surprised that Ben Roethlisberger is not on that list. Also, what about O.J. Simpson? You still can't even mention him without people shuddering all around you.

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As much as i dislike sports. Just because you read something about someone doesnt necessarily mean you know this person. You cant hate him you can hate who you think he is. Half the people that agree do whatever everyone else does following followers infinitely lost. I say no, logiaclly nobody even knows how to hate this person...

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vandebater(443) Disputed
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you are ultimately how you act. you choose to fight dogs people will not like you. it is very much possible to hate him. i think he's a great athlete i think he made some mistakes but i don't hate him. watch me hate roethliisberger and christiano ronaldo though.

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I will say "disliked" because of the abuse he did to his doggies, but, Sports gets away with everything and now most of the public seems to have forgiven him.

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