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 Is Obama Care good or Bad? (1)

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Is Obama Care good or Bad?

Is there a better alternative? I believe it is good because it is less corruptible than Trump's proposed alternative. Whenever there is room to crank up the prices of health care, it gets cranked up. Any overhead costs currently with healthcare are due to systemic corruption, not issues with the policy.
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It's FAR better than what we were forced to put up with before. The most expensive health care in the world, while being rated 37th best! (Beaten out by every socialist medicine plan in the world!) Is it the best we can get ..... probably, as long as the Republican Congress is intent on keeping anything Obama wants to do to an absolute minimum! Is it the best it could BE? Absolutely not, but it helps those who were under the Insurance cartels "death panels", those who had MORE children (and mothers), dying from lack of health care than from abortions! (Funny how they don't count so much to conservatives AFTER they come through the birth canal!) "Your mother can't afford health care? She should have kept her legs crossed!" (VOTE! ...for a WORKING Congress!) Working for "WE, the people", NOT THEY the corporations!