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Is Obama going to be our first marijuana president?

Marijuana Law Reform No Longer a Political Liability, It’s a Political Opportunity

Voting ended late last week on the President-Elect¹s website As was the case in December, questions from the general public pertaining to marijuana and drug policy reform proved to be extremely popular.

Of the more than 76,000 questions posed to Obama by the public, the fourth most popular question overall called on the incoming administration to cease arresting and prosecuting adults who use cannabis. And in the sub-category “National Security,” the most popular question posed by the public pertained to amending U.S. drug policies as a way to try and halt the ongoing violence surround illicit drug trafficking in Mexico and other nations.

Yeah, he looks like a stoner

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No, he's a goody 2 shoes

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He'll legalize it in order to save the economy ;)

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner
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He's not a stoner anymore but he used to be!

Of course he inhaled, that was the point!
Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner

Ha! I knew it!

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner
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Perhaps but I honestly think he has more important things to think about.

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He really does look like a stoner. I concur.

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And his views tend to support that, right? ;)

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Despite indications that marijuana law reform is no longer a political liability, Obama has not shown any willingness to evaluate marijuana reform from an objective, scientific perspective.

Last round on, the second most popular question was:

"Will you consider legalizing marijuana so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and create a multi-billion dollar industry right here in the U.S?"

The response?

"Barack Obama does not support the legalization of Marijuana."

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And to Mr. Obama I say this....

The prestige of government

has undoubtedly

been lowered considerably

by the Prohibition law.

For nothing is more destructive

of respect for the government

and the law of the land

than passing laws which

cannot be enforced.

It is an open secret that

the dangerous increase of crime

in this country

is closely connected with this.


My First Impression of the U.S.A.,


Side: No, he's a goody 2 shoes
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can't mess with the fact.


Side: No, he's a goody 2 shoes
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I'm not going to say he's a goody 2 shoes but I really don't know him, I never heard any of his speeches. I really dont think he would use drugs, but I could be wrong!

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No. He won't.

"President-elect Obama is not in favor of the legalization of marijuana."

Supporting Evidence: for questions (
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What a party pooper! I thought he was for change; what happened?

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No, the public would have an outrage

Side: No, he's a goody 2 shoes
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I hate marijuana and if Obama makes it illegal I'll lower his rating in my book. It will not completely save the economy and whoever thinks that is plain retarded, almost as retarded as someone that is high from marijuana. All the stoners who want pot to be legal don't matter in this world anyway because they don't do a damn thing for society. Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand when people are high let alone seeing a lot of people in public that way; they are slow, dumb and plain stupid, they need a good shake to snap them out of it.

Side: Well he has a background in drug abuse
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Keeping marijuana illegal only puts money in the hands of criminals. The same thing was true with prohibition. It actually encouraged organized crime, because people had to go to criminals to get alcohol. This is why prohibition of marijuana is a bad idea.

Reading your argument, I'm not sure why you want it illegal other than your stereotypes of marijuana users being lazy and dumb. I would like you to know that your stereotypes are inaccurate as well. My friend smokes marijuana frequently and is a national merit scholar. Plus, don't people have a right to do what they want so long as they aren't hurting anyone? Who are you to say they can't?

In addition you never say why legalization won't help the economy. All you say is that people who think so are retarded. That's not even an argument. You have to give reasons, otherwise you come off looking retarded. Let me give you my reasons why it will help the economy. People buy marijuana anyway. If it were made legal, the government could tax that marijuana make hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars.

Now you can either continue on your rant of name calling, and label me as a retard, or dumb. Or you can do what I did and back up your arguments with actual reasons. It's really up to you.

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Yeah! You tell him andSoccer16! Wait...., is he on my allies list.... uh.... no. OK, blast him ;)

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner
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Just one quick question; Do you watch tv, listen to music, enjoy movies, read books, hell I'll end it here to save time...Do you enjoy things that involve creativity? If so the likelihood that you listened to or viewed or enjoyed something that was done under the influence is about 96%.

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner

Hey, my debates and arguments resemble that remark (;

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner
xiola(10) Disputed
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You wrote: "if Obama makes it illegal I'll lower his rating..." --- I'm assuming you meant legal.

I sense that your book didn't hold him in especially high esteem to begin with. And it's not a best-seller.

Stoners are not the only group that would like marijuana to be legal. Stoners would probably at least enjoy decriminalizing marijuana. Medicinal marijuana is a far different animal and has significant therapeutic value for cancer patients.

It might just be you. It does not logically follow that legalization of marijuana will incur a greater occurence of public intoxication by marijuana - perhaps you're expecting that marijuana will follow in alcohol's footsteps. But you might recall that public drunkenness is illegal. Why wouldn't that also include intoxication by marijuana?

Stupidity without chemical assistance is far more rampant.

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner

I agree with you because I could use some marijuana..... for medicinal purposes, of course ;)

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner
iamdavidh(4870) Disputed
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His rating in your book?

I'm sure his advisors will keep that in mind while making policy...

At any rate, I don't recall anyone saying legalizing marijuana would "completely save the economy,"

even retards.

But even you have to admit that it would help the economy, wouldn't you? I mean, wouldn't you?

I mean, that's an entire industry that's already up and running, the only thing that would change, is that now the U.S. gets a cut, instead of drug lords who murder, maim, and corrupt.

Well, unless you happen to be one of said drug lords, I simply cannot see any logical reason you would be against legalization, certainly I see no logic in this arguement you've posted.

I don't know you, and I do not know your circle of friends and family, but I find it suprising that anyone not living in the hills of Virginia does not know at least a couple of very smart, energetic, contributing members of society, who also happen to use marijuana on occassion.

I know several. I'm lazier than most of them, and I don't even use the drug.

Which is odd, because I used to.

But the other thing about this drug you hate so much, it's less addictive than pain killers, cigarettes, alcohol, and video games. All of which are very legal.

You'll need to back up your opinion with better evidence than, "I hate marijuana," I'm afraid. I'm sure there's at least a half descent arguement out there somewhere. You should try looking it up.

Side: I really don't think so

Don't forget all of the industrial benefits of cannabis hemp. To date, is one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet.

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner

Have you seen the movie Pineapple Express? It's funny ;)

Side: No, he's a goody 2 shoes
Locochon(3) Disputed
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Actually, I smoke pot every day and not only do I contribute to society, I am also very succesful ( 6 figure income). There are so many people smoking in this country that you dont even know about, a lot of them from your party as well my conservative friend. However since they are the biggest hypocrits they will never admit it. Now I dont know your age but I will tell you this much, the time of the conservatives AKA the Dinosaurs is over (Thank God), make way for the new U.S. and let us clean up the mess you guys made. Just as we have done all through out history!

Side: Yeah, he looks like a stoner

So are you one of those pot smoking liberals? ;)

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I agree, plus marijuana stinks

Side: Well he has a background in drug abuse

Yes, but it's an acquired stench.

Side: No, he's a goody 2 shoes