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 Is There a "Line" That Can Be Crossed When It Comes to Freedom of Speech, Press, etc.? (7)

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Is There a "Line" That Can Be Crossed When It Comes to Freedom of Speech, Press, etc.?

If so, where do you see the line?

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If there was not a line then people could swear at their teacher and not get a detention. Freedom of speech is an ironic thing for it doesn't exist entirely truthfully.

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Well the question is... "Is there ""A"" line than can be crossed. Which means the question asks is there a line besides the one drawn than can be crossed when it comes to Freedom of Speech. The answer is yes. The line is drawn to measure the acceptability from the general public on general topics. However some situations demand the line be removed in order to be heard in the right perspective. Typically people will only listen to that line and everyone else is simply looking for attention. But if someone I love is being threatened because everyone has their eyes on the line and not the person speaking, I will cross line to get a little closer to the ears on the other side. If my way of life is being threatened by government politics which make it impossible to live with life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.. I will erase the line. The Decleration of Independence speaks clearly on this matter that this is what we should do.

There can not truly be freedom, without corresponding responsibility. Without a balance, my freedom can and will ride right over your rights. My right to the pursuit of happiness must end where it crosses your right to privacy....and on and on. Yes, there are many lines that can be crossed.

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Yes, there is a line. First off, there is at least one individual who would cross the line on as regular basis. That has since changed. There are still those who feel they can cross that line because of some level of annonimity the site provides. The line falls where someone decides not to form a debate topic in the proper way, or topics that fall into the category of the illegal.

I see the line when it is racist. Like the KKK speech. .......................................

If speech is used to incite to riot or calls for the assassination of a certain person, the line is crossed.