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Is Wikipedia a viable source of information?

I think Wikipedia is a very useful site, but I've been seeing a few questionable facts here and there. For example, it estimates the size of the Liopleurodon (a prehistoric creature), at 5-7 metres, while Walking with Dinosaurs depicts it at around 25 metres. What would be a better info source? Is there a more trustworthy alternative to Wikipedia on the Internet?


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Yes, there are a lot of excellent sites on the internet - just about every college has one, and they're typically chock-full of good information, usually peer-reviewed, and loaded with sources.

Wikipedia is, however, damn useful, even if it fails at times. It's worth checking sources, or looking for corroboration.

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It's very useful but to be taken with a grain of salt. By no means is it the end all to facts but it does have some valuable information.

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As long as you understand it's limitations, yes it is. To me it's comparable to Youtube. Anyone can post anything on Youtube. There are lots of how to's, and reviews of products, and editorials, etc. Any and all of it can be useful. If I need to see how a new infant car seat attaches I can probably find a video which gives me the basic idea and it's close enough to right I can use it. Same with Wikipedia. It can give the the basic idea of what you need to know. But you would be silly to think it is the final word on a subject.

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It's certainly useful, check the article's sources and use other sources and you won't go far wrong. If you simply read the articles on their own without doing wider reading you are asking to be misinformed, however.

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I'm going to say no, the reason being anyone can edit them as long as they're "trusted" by Wikipedia. For instance I recently saw a video where a man just edited a few posts for a couple of days, and then was granted full access to edit everything without review, Just write it and bam it's in the page.

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Helllll no. It's not like they have experts and shit stating info on there. Well, they do occasionally, but you don't have to be an expert to. Literally anyone can post anything on there. Don't believe me, look it up and see for yourself. On a site other than Wikipedia.

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