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Is a resource based economy feasible?

If you don't know what a resource based economy is visit the Venus Project's website.

Jacque Fresco(yes)

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Ocserf Euqcaj(no)

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A resource based economy is the only system which can actually function for a type one civilization. There is absolutely no way you could justify thinking that the idiotic horse bull pulled by our our current systems would be acceptable in the future. How humans manage there societies has always undergone change and if you think any currently established system will last forever you've got another thing coming. A resource based economy is the only system which is entirely based in reality rather than social constructs or the interests of an elite. And to anyone who associates RBE with communism, number one there is no government in an RBE and number two there is no violent revolution, forced collectivism or regimented rationing. A resource based economy is not a technocracy either, in a technocracy, an intellectual elite make decisions, and everyone else must conform to those decisions. Unlike any other system, a resource based economy arrives at decisions rather than leaving them to be made based on anyones opinion or agenda.

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Amarel(3619) Disputed Banned
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Looks like post-governmental communist Utopianism to me. .

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FactMachine(431) Disputed
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It is post governmental but that's about it. As Jacque fresco has stated numerous times the RBE is not "utopian" because it's not supposed to be stagnant or leave no room for improvement. A utopia implies perfection, in a true RBE people will be allowed and encouraged to find better ways of doing things and Fresco says there is always room for improvement and that change will always occur. People always confuse RBE with communism or associate it with that kind of ideology, there are some similarities but also there are distinct differences. Communism always leads to tyranny because it claims the only way to reach true communism is to first set up a totalitarian regime which is brought about through violent revolution. An RBE doesn't require a government, it doesn't expect anyone to conform to any regime, and is based on using methodology to solve problems. There is no actual authority, an RBE simply relies on a mutual understanding, people working together and using the scientific method to make improvements and to make the maximum amount of resources and knowledge available to the maximum amount of people.

Side: Jacque Fresco(yes)
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