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Is Dr poison evil?

Dr poison appeares in the new Wonder Woman movie most people think she is evil is she?
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She not evil because she just kills people for the Germans in world war 1

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She is evil. She doesn't see those she murdered as people, she see's them as creature's who are less than human. She's dropped her humanity in the pursuit of science; how much chemical damage she can do before her victims die and what chemicals prompt which response. She doesn't care who she kills, she only cares about the science.

Iright(21) Disputed
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Ok ok I made it short for a reason. She only kill not murder. She is allowed to kill in war.

Iright(21) Disputed
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She is not a murder first of all she is a killer there is a difference. Secondly she said "but the gas mask won't help. And she looked sad when the generals were dying. And plus you don't know that she sees them as less human she just trying to win a war. And by the way. Steve as 'murdered' Germans

Mint_tea(1979) Clarified
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The difference between her and Steve is that her practices where less than ethical. Steve killed because they were trying to kill him, she murdered because she was testing her theories. While killing in general isn't ethical Steve would always give them a chance to walk away unless they were actively trying to kill him first. His was necessary for his survival, hers wasn't.

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Disclaimer - I'm not a comic geek nor do I have any knowledge beyond what a brief internet search on her turns up.

But I'd say evil. Evil despite the fact she is servant to powers controlling her.


1) She could refuse to make her poison. She is not under mind control.

2) Most of my quick read described her as insane. We could get into a round of arguing she should be exonerated for being insane, but I'd preemptively counter she isn't average person insane, she is comic book insane. In the context of comic books that almost always means evil. That's just part of the genre's makeup.

3) If you or other people routinely call you Dr Poison then defacto you have accepted that you should be labelled for doing something nasty.

Iright(21) Clarified
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Hi Grenache I see you don't know much about Dr Isabel Maru (Dr Poison) do you want me to inform you more about her I have information I have read tons of articles tons and I know a lot of information about her. The brief articles you read are wrong is a popular opinion. And lastly you should read these

Supporting Evidence: Dr poison Origins (
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Hey mint tea. Dr Maru is allowed to poison people nobody thinks it's not okay for the British poison specialist to poison people. Should die because your siding with them. If you were siding with the Germans things would be different.