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Is global warming real?

I am honestly torn, I don't know whether global warming is real or not. I have heard yes and no......... what do you have to say about this?

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I have known about the science of global warming since I was a child in grade school. The science dates back over 100 years, and the best computer models bear out pretty well.

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Global warming is real, but the real question is: is it caused by human activity?

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And the answer is yes, without a doubt .

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I am not very knolewdgeble (I have no idea how to write this word) in science but I am in history: there were periods in our past where climate drastically changed; a few examples are: the end of the roman empire, it became so cold the Rhine turned to ice (allowing thousands of barbarians to cross), during the 13 century it was so hot that strawberries were in season in DECEMBER (thats awesome), and then weve got the "little ice age" that lasted from 1650 to 1850, that caused famine in some contries. Maybe it is just some phase the earth is going through?

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