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Yes, it's cruel! No, flying is overrated!
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Is it cruel to keep birds as pets?



Yes, it's cruel!

Side Score: 19

No, flying is overrated!

Side Score: 4
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Yes they are wild animals and they deserve to be free and fly where ever they want.

| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
2 points

Yes. Birds were given wings for a reason - and that reason is not for them to be pinned to their sides as they perch in a tiny cage on a dusty worktop for the simple point of decoration or noise. Birds have wings to fly. Wouldn't we be indignant if we were cooped up in a cage and only let out at periodic intervals only to be shoved back in again where we sit in our own excrement till our owner decides to clean it, if ever? The argument is simple - free birds and appreciate nature as it is without capturing it for our own satisfaction.

| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
2 points

I completely agree Billie... thanks you for your participation.......

| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
2 points

Personally, I think it's cruel to keep birds in cages where the cannot fly... I also think snakes in small cages where the have to remain curled up is also cruel.

| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
3 points

That is true also, I believe that cooping up any kind of animal is an act of cruelty.

| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
2 points

Its so cruel to keep birds in cages. I personally would NEVER keep a bird in a cage even though i love birds. They should be free in the wild, its nice to hear them singing though. Also if you have other animals such as cats and dogs, they might hurt the birds, especially the cats. NO OFFENSE CATS!!!!! :)

| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
2 points

Its nice to see them in the wild and see them flying around. I feel bad when they sit in their cages doing nothing. How wo you feel if you were locked in a cage doing nothing?

| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
2 points

Really amazing this it is a cruel....

Rabbit Hutches, Chicken Coops, Dog Kennels, Dog Cages, Dog Beds

Supporting Evidence: Dog Crates (
| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
1 point

The other side argues that by keeping birds as their pets we are protecting them from the predators but without their food the predators would die and the balance of earth will not be correct . We should just not harm any animal . so it's cruel to keep anything in zoos or cages. Wild life sanctuaries are not so harmful .

| Side: Yes, it's cruel!
2 points

I don't think it's the that bad I used to have a bird. But in the sense that they belong in the sky you can say that for most animals we keep as pets they truly belong in there rightful habitat

| Side: No, flying is overrated!
1 point

Sorry guys but i think its nice to have birds in cages, my mom convinced me! because Birds kept in cages can be protected from their Predators. Also lots of birds like parrots, Buggies and Canneries, people cannot see them in their natural habitat. So when you keep them at home everyone will be able to see them. i just wrote down alittle bit. NO RUDE COMMENTS !!!

| Side: No, flying is overrated!

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