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 Is it important for a child to have both a mother and father figure. (4)

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Is it important for a child to have both a mother and father figure.

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4 points

yes it is. a man and a woman are physically and emotionally different. by having both, the child gets the best of them. the emotional empathy from his mother and a social out view from his father. though some are not blessed with both and some have neither despite having both, its circumstantial. in general sense, a child needs both.

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It is important for children to have a strong role model in life. Someone who parents first, becomes friends with later. Be that a single parent who raises their children to have respect for others and a willingness to contribute to society, to two parents who give their children the love and attention they need to encourage growth and find value in mistakes. Simply having a mother and father figure isn't enough. Especially if one of the two are lacking in the ability to parent, like a mother who coddles her child to the point of spoiling or a father who is so strict on the child that they suffocate under their rule, and vice versa. What matters is family value and structure. I would argue that it can take a village to raise a child dependent on what that child needs.

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a child needs both forms of guidance that can be given only by a mother and father figure. furthermore, a child psyche and emotional state need a healthy invironment to be nurtured.

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SOME mother or father figures are important to ignore, to look away from and follow another path. It's important to be able to see PAST those figures ... it's important to know WHEN to do that, as a child, and when NOT to. Life can be complicated for a child.

outlaw60(13838) Clarified
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What kind of rambling nonsense is that Insane AL !

So you are supportive of this ?

More black babies (72%) are born out of wedlock – without fathers today, than into married homes. It’s no wonder that young black men end up being gang bangers, toting guns in the hood, or killed by another black. In 1963, that figure was 23.6% for blacks, and 3% for whites. In a 1965 report to President Lyndon B. Johnson, "The Negro Family: the Case for National Action," then-assistant secretary of labor, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, warned that the black family was on the verge of “complete breakdown.”

In his 1992 acceptance speech for the Democrat presidential nomination, Bill Clinton declared, “Governments don’t raise children; parents do and you should.”

Sadly, that’s exactly what’s happening to blacks, the government takes responsibility for raising blacks from cradle to prison to grave. According to a 2009 Brookings Institution study, if a person doesn’t finish high school, doesn’t marry and has a baby before age 21, his or her chance of becoming poor is 74%. From public housing programs, to government-funded day care in public schools, for teen moms, blacks are the largest consumers per capita of welfare programs.

Can you address that issue Insane AL ?

AlofRI(2371) Clarified
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WOW! "Insane Al"! Is my friend Scum getting sophisticated!?? Well, not in the sense of his (hers?) sick outlook on racism and humanity.

Well, progress is progressiveness, we can be thankful for small things. ;-)