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Is it just me?

Am I the only one seeing others making debates calling out someone on what they debate about? Sure I call people out, but you do not see me making debates because I disagree with ones position in a debate. Every account that is making debates about math are all the same person pings at same IP. 


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This site has reached the point it really isn't much more than primates hurling handfulls of their own feces at each other. Naturally some of those primates hurl bigger and more often, and they also hide in the trees so you can't tell where it's going to come from.

Basically every time I step in the middle I assume I'm going to get hit and I better plan to go wash off in the river after I leave.

I guess I still come here anyway because it annoys most of them. Frankly nothing pisses them off more than trying to make a level headed statement in the middle of a sh!t fight.

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This site has reached the point it really isn't much more than primates hurling handfulls of their own feces at each other.

And it is the far right which is responsible, whether you choose to believe it or not. They will take the entire site down rather than let you openly challenge their bullshit.

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In my personal observation they are indeed about 3/4 of the problem.

When the Right and I disagree there is zero middle ground. It's like a deadly minefield no one can ever dare to try to cross.

When the Left and I disagree there is some middle ground but they're just not able to come close enough to center for us to reach the same place.

The Right would say that makes me a Liberal. Not true. What that means is the Right is too poisoned and venemous to embrace what Western civilization with Civil Rights is all about. It's their way or the highway (or poverty, or hell, depending on their angle).

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TzarPepe(793) Clarified
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Sounds like an excuse to execute the final solution. Send away the righties on that special train.

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Look. I agree with what you're saying now but you have made personal attack debates and threatened to get me banned from the site by creating "evidence" of a very vile, personal attack that you accused me of saying to you. You only came clean about lying and creating that nonsense after I went to the owner of the site. All because you disagreed with me in a debate.

Maybe you were just in a bad place at the time, maybe those doing personal debates are in the same boat now. It does need to stop as it's not in the spirit of this site but until Andy (whatever his name is) comes on and cleans the site up, I don't think it will until things settle down. Until then don't pretend you haven't done some really stupid things in the past, just ignore the debates and hope for the best.

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I doubt he will ever clean this site up, I say that because this site can be shutdown any day of the week. The sponsors of this site see something they don't like which they do a lot they can pull the site off their paycheck and their search engine. It is just a risk at this point really. Not worth putting thousands into it just to get pulled off the major search engines because members can't control their rage.

But yes I was in a bad place when I did that to you. No excuse for what I did their.

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He has reduced some of the language in here which is fairly nice. Those who disagreed with it......well they huffed and left but came back with an alt account.

I'm sorry you were in a bad place, I hope things are better for you now and I look forward to some good debates with you now.

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If you are actually spending time to track down a person's IP address, then it is not clear that you are actually out of that bad place ;)

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Every account that is making debates about math are all the same person pings at same IP.


I was one of the people who made a debate about Math, so how about you tell me my IP address so I can laugh hard at how much of an infantile liar you are for claiming to possess my IP address.

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Not many people on this site proxy their IP address. But it seems every time you get on you have a different IP. On every account I suspect you to be on. I do not even proxy my IP when on this site. But I proxy it when I use Facebook or any other social media or forum.

So even if I did tell you your IP you could update the proxy if you don't already and get a new IP.

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