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Is it morally acceptable to broadcast private recordings of Diana on TV?

Private tapes of Diana, Princess of Wales, are to be broadcast for the first time in the UK.

Channel 4 is releasing a documentary film entitled "Diana: In Her Own Words" to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her death. It will feature recordings made during speech coaching sessions in which Diana talked about her difficult marriage and her sex life.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster has said the tapes are of important historical value.

Others are concerned that broadcasting the tapes is a breach of privacy and may have a negative impact on the Royal Family and on Diana's sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Is it morally acceptable to broadcast the tapes?


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Well. I think if they are concerned about her adult sons then it begs the question, what are their thoughts on it?

As for the rest? I think it's been long enough, it's been more than a decade since her passing and I think it would provide some interesting insight to the life she's lead, her thoughts and what kind of person she was with the upbringing she's had. There have been countless books on her so I don't believe there could be too much shocking footage there to really be concerned about.

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Mack(279) Clarified
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"I think it's been long enough, it's been more than a decade since her passing"

Would you be happy dying with the knowledge that a decade later your private info would be fair game? If the answer is no then I think that's a good case for why it shouldn't matter how long it's been since someone's death in terms of when it's okay to reveal private info about them.

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Mint_tea(2178) Clarified
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Would you be happy dying with the knowledge that a decade later your private info would be fair game?

I'd be more unhappy that I was dead. What happens afterwards isn't something I'll care about since I'm....ya know.....dead.

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NicolasCage(357) Disputed
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There have been countless books on her so I don't believe there could be too much shocking footage there to really be concerned about.

If there's no new information to be learnt then what's the point of releasing the recordings? Let it lie, and use the vast amount of resources already present to form a judgement on what her private life was like.

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Mint_tea(2178) Disputed
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Because then we are able to get a deeper understanding of the life she led. It's her own words, her own voice, her own thoughts. What people write about and what she herself says may be two different things.

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The Royal family is a laughing stock in the UK and it wouldn't matter if the tapes were released.

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I can see many arguments both for and against, but all things considered I believe enough time has passed that showing them is in the public interest.

I'm aware this is a complete breach of topic but Diana was -- without doubt -- murdered. She was pregnant with the child of a Muslim whom she had just gotten engaged to and several months prior to her death she wrote a letter in which she specifically warned of her fear that she would be killed by members of the Royal Family. My best guess is that the decision came from Prince Phillip, but who knows? Just like 9/11, Diana's car crash is one of those things which absolutely stinks of a legitimate conspiracy.

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I'm normally not one for conspiracy theories, but it does seem a little coincidental that Diana's bodyguard, with whom it was rumoured she was having an affair, was removed from his position and was killed three weeks later in a motorcycle accident.

I'm not convinced that Phillip would have made the decisions, though; Diana's actions were reflecting poorly on the rest of the Royal Family and I think it more likely that someone else (maybe someone who was responsible for maintaining their public image) made a private decision to have her killed.

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I agree because this provides what Diana went through, and it's not "biased" as it could be in books. I get privacy, but if you going to do a report and someone like this, you would like a documentary of it rather than the books as it does not give her facts about her personal life and can make the report "incomplete". I hear over in the U.K that they are a joke, and if it's true, then it shouldn't really matter. Everything gets out eventually, so no use in hiding it.

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No. But it doesn't matter if it's Diana or anyone else, and I see no reason for it to matter that she's dead, it's just a matter of privacy. I think that everyone should have a right to privacy in these sort of matters, regardless of their standing. If they're dead you could make the 'what do they care' argument, but I think that the fact they wouldn't have wanted private info to go public should still be respected. Also, I don't want to die knowing that private info about me might be released after a while.

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Let's focus at first on Diana herself.

From what we know, Diana was a woman who fiercely valued the privacy of her personal life and the personal lives of her children, despite her position. Judging by her character, and not whether it's morally acceptable to release private recordings of any dead person in the first place, do you really believe she would appreciate having such things broadcast for all to see/hear? I think it's pretty obvious that she wouldn't.

Now, onto the more broad matter: is it moral to broadcast the private recordings of a dead person, whoever they are? I'd say it's completely subjective, down to the person's character and the nature of the recordings. It's also a matter of whether the family believes it's for the best.

So, overall:

For Diana? No, and I even think it's morally reprehensible.

For any deceased person? It's completely subjective.

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